WICKED Homes are designed and built for well-being.


“People think that design is just about how it looks, but as stated by Steve (that Apple guy). “Design is not just how it looks. It goes much deeper than that. It’s how it works.”

We think how things work, how they look and how they make you feel matters but how well you are matters even more. If you like things to work well, look good, feel good and be good for you, you are in the right place.

WICKED is Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental Design … that’s really wicked!

Taking on the challenge to change the paradigm of waiting until you get sick and looking for a cure seemed a big ask until we decided being WICKED was our best option.

It’s like stacking LUCK on your side of the fence.

Our job is to create spaces and places with no nasties or nasty surprises for people who know health is an inside job.

We help you remove the toxins that lead to dis-ease so you can live healthier for longer.

A WICKED Home  is not just a sustainable home, energy efficient and all that, it is designed to be environmentally smarter, healthier and friendlier.   We work with brainy people who understand the value of good health and know dangerous toxins affect the body, the brain and the reproductive system.

No one intends to gets sick or harm their children, but it happens. That’s why we educate first, plan or design a suitable solution second, and thirdly build, remodel and refurbish a home with the intention to keep you healthy on purpose.

It’s the life insurance policy you need so you don’t need life insurance … the other kind. 

After we discovered people (me included) were getting sick from chemical exposure and toxins in their environment, that cancer and incidents of ADHD and autism were increasing, we decided something had to be done to bring homes and work environments back into harmony with Nature. It made sense to combine the science of Building Biology, Passive Design, and Feng Shui with truly sustainable building practices to create better homes and work places.

We aim to make you smarter and your life better for a long time.

A seat belt is designed to save you from a catastrophic crash, a Wicked Homes is designed to keep you safe, just like a seat belt. The seat belt doesn’t work unless you put it on. A home doesn’t save you unless its WICKED.

Don’t wait for a diagnosis before making some changes to help you on the way to good health.

Cheryl Mead April 2015-20

If you want to know more about my journey and what you can do to take charge of your life, read more here.

Chery Lanne, that’s me with the little house in the palm of my hand.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and what I am passionate about.

My job is to make your life better with the science of Building Biology.

It is the art of living in harmony with Nature in the built environment.

If you want a wicked life, you will need a WICKED home and workplace to look after you and the people you care about. Please don’t wait until it it too late.