How to Take Charge of Your Life

Life Is-What I make Happen

The wisdom you need to be successful in life is the same wisdom required to stay well.

It is the wisdom of knowing what not to do.

Most people go through life putting up with what they get instead of creating what they want.

It’s time to give up the belief in finding a cure or waiting until you get a diagnosis.  Start focusing on eliminating the cause.

This is the cause of disease and the cause of failure.

It is the same for any problem you face because problems are really solutions in waiting.

There is a solution for everything…you just need to know where to look.

This discovery and many more discoveries happened because I changed what I was looking for.

I discovered every effect has a cause and there are only caused effects and effected causes, which is not something I knew early in life.

My journey started when I was very young, my mother died of cancer before I was two and my dad died when I was sixteen.

Sometimes life ‘sucks’ but continually looking in the rear view mirror takes your eyes off the road ahead.

It is the future you need to be in control of.

Until a few years ago, I thought I was in control only to discover other people had been making my decisions for me and I didn’t know it.

Where you get your information from is critical. Don’t believe main stream media for a minute because you will be at the mercy of people with the biggest pockets and the governing systems that feed the big pockets because they have more power to influence than little people with little pockets.

That is until now.

I’m determined to share what I know and ensure everyone is aware of what they can do and what they can become.

Start looking for answers to questions like I did and you will be amazed.

Why are there are more people getting cancer now than there was 50-60 years ago?

Where does all the money go that gets raised for research?

Why are children getting cancer in higher numbers than ever before?

Where can you go to find the truth and not be fed a heap of garbage?

You have to go below the surface and find the answers from people who know more than me.

I started with the The Good Doctors; Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse and the Wellness Guys, Damian, Laurence, Brett and Marcus from the Wellness Couch.

These people have been on a different path for a long time.

When I met Chris Woollams from and Dr Peter Dingle from Dingle Wellness they changed my beliefs about health.

What the research says; an article from Chris Woollams Health Watch Facebook page: Facebook

“It may surprise you to know that The World Health Organisation states that up to 70 per cent of cancers are preventable!”

Some experts even say 90% of illness and disease is preventable.

That means the average person will become a statistic.

If  70% -90% of illness and disease are preventable, why on earth is the money raised from donations not spent on prevention.

Could it be there is no money for big pockets if people don’t get sick.

I didn’t know what the problem was…

until I met Chris Woollams I didn’t understand, I’d been getting it all wrong.

The health system is not preventing disease, it is conditioning it.

Seriously, if we keep doing the same things we will continue to get the same result!

Cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes (or the complications of diabetes) are just a few of the leading causes of death today.  And they are mostly preventable. What is even worse is the leading cause of death is self harm or suicide. This is not conveyed for good reason, if people know people are taking their own life, more do it.

Everything changed when I went looking for answers. I studied the research, what was making us sick, and why the systems are stacked against us. That’s when the discovery of where the money comes from and goes to became evident.

Add to that the huge hurdle, cognitive bias and how business marketing influences our buying decisions.

I uncovered amazing facts and discovered wellness is not the topic most doctors discuss.

That is unless they are the Good Doctors.

The Good Doctors encourage taking responsibility for your own health.

The Good Doctors, Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse provide free content that empowers you to take charge and do things differently. This is what real health care is all about, not the sickness system we currently have.

This information literally changed my life because it changed my thinking.

I had to unlearn all my beliefs about nutrition and make significant changes to my thinking to overcome the addiction I had with low fat products, sugar and bread. I had always thought they were part of a healthy diet.

When I hosted Chris Woollams, while living in Queensland, he explained very explicitly, there is money in cancer and disease. If we all changed our thinking some big businesses would go out of business.

Chris studied Biochemistry at Oxford University and due his daughter’s diagnosis of a brain tumour he researched the research and exposed where the systems are getting it wrong. His vision and drive is now to educate people about cancer and other preventable disease. Chris founded CANCERactive in memory of his daughter Catherine, plus he is the Editor of ICON magazine, Britain’s leading publication on cancer and helps people overcome the disease and steer them on a different path.

At Chris Woollams Health Watch and CancerActive you will find amazing information to help you understand disease prevention.

Not only did I quiz Chris about his research I bought and read his books: ‘The Rainbow Diet’, ‘Everything you need to know to help you BEAT CANCER’, ‘OESTROGEN’ The killer in our midst, ‘The Secret Source of our Good Health’.

They are full of comprehensive facts and information which backed up what The Good Doctors were saying, that everything is connected, the gut, the brain and the skin and everything in between.

Getting to know Dr Peter Dingle a researcher, educator, communicator and author of numerous books was another bonus because it led me to a book that is pretty self explanatory, Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Never before had anyone provided the answers as to why my mother died of cancer and why people are still dying of cancer and other preventable disease. The products she used could have been the cause of her cancer. Of course that can’t be confirmed but after Johnson and Johnson were convicted in the US for manufacturing products with talc that caused ovarian cancer I am pretty sure this could be the cause of my mothers cancer. Ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer.

Extract from Chris Woollams Book, Everything You Need To Know To Beat Cancer.

“Cancer sufferers are often the nicest people. They like to please others and put others first, often neglecting their own well-being…Information is survival…you cannot know too much. Knowledge is power – and, as I keep saying, in cancer it can be the difference between life and death.”

What Chris Woollams and Dr Dingle explained in their books made all the difference.

After reading, listening and engaging with these wonderfully wise people, it became pretty clear, there is not ‘one thing’ that causes cancer. As Chris Woollams says it is a process and everyone is different and every cancer is different. Even though medical professionals like to categorise them as different diseases they all start with irritation and inflammation in the body from toxins or environmental effects that start the inflammation process.

Until I studied with Nicole Bijlsma at the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES) I didn’t know how our environment was making us sick.

Knowing what is an irritant and what is toxic to the body is often difficult to identify without expert help. However there are many things we can do to remove the potential harm that start the cancer and chronic disease process. I’ve included chronic disease as most diseases start with inflammation at a cellular level.

We are continually bombarded with marketing that makes it very difficult to know what is best. When things are branded as natural or organic, most would think they were ok. The problem is anything with a carbon atom can be labeled organic and everything comes from Nature. Plastics made from petroleum and lead are found in the ground. Would you eat petrol (petroleum jelly) if you knew it was in a lip balm. Would you use lipstick if you knew it contained lead. Would you let aluminium from a deodorant stick enter your blood stream through the pores in your skin if you knew it contributed to Alzheimer’s. This is the problem. We have been fooled for too long by big pockets focused only on the intention to make money.

You don’t know your choices have long term detrimental health effects.  We often look for the easiest or fastest option. Fast food is a good example; because it is cheap and easy to access, it seems like a good idea (at the time). Cheap and fast is not a good idea. It has a delayed effect. Cheap becomes very expensive in the end.

Most people don’t understand they are contributing to their ill health by selecting the wrong options, even when the marketing says natural or organic. Anyone can make that claim because there is not a patent on natural or organic. Certified organic products are different, they have not been contaminated with chemicals or extreme processing.

Everything from food, cleaning products, personal care products to Wi-Fi (Why Fry), electromagnetic fields, chemically treated water, mould, garden chemicals and more could be contributing to overload on your body and overwhelm in life. This is where the study of Building Biology and contaminants in our homes and indoor environments is making such a huge difference worldwide.

Building Biology is a science that investigates the health hazards of the built environment. It is an holistic approach to health and well-being with practical solutions to support people wishing to live in a more natural environment. You can create environments designed to enable the body to heal naturally and ensure children have the best options to grow and thrive.

Our mission is to help people create homes that nurture and protect, enabling you and your family to live longer, healthier, happier and wiser.

Changing your mind and your focus can make a huge difference.

We have the most amazing asset in our mind and that is not communicated at school because the system is not designed that way. We have been designed to comply.  The media have much more control than you realise. Advertisements persuade and guide you to purchase products that are not beneficial to your health or your long term wealth.

Back to changing your thinking…you can change just about anything in your life if you are willing to change the way you think.

Finding a solution to every problem is much easier if you are able to give up what you think you know.

We’ve got to change the paradigm otherwise our children will be the ones to pay the heaviest price.  Ignorance will not deliver bliss.

Living intentionally well is a choice anyone can make with the right guidance.

Set your GPS on Wicked Thinking and enjoy the journey. (The Wicked Thinking book is coming soon)

Adios my friends

Chery Lanne.

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