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How to gain wisdom without heartache

The Winning Edge workshop is about the science of Building Biology and ‘Wicked Thinking’ (a manuscript written by a woman, not a man) designed to help you gain a winning edge in life.  Building Biology is a wonderful science that leads to naturally healthy, non-toxic environments.

We are being poisoned by modern products and mongrels that don’t care. People with chronic (ongoing) illnesses, multiple chemical sensitivity disorder or electrical sensitivity need to know how to eliminate what harms them. You could have harmful stuff in your home, workplace or school.

Knowing what harms you is the key to designing and creating an environment that’s truly healthy. A more natural environment enhances your health and the health of your children, even the ones you haven’t had yet.

Combine the knowledge of knowing ‘what not to do’ with the knowledge of ‘what to do‘ and you’ll have  recipe for a great life.

You will discover there is more to creating a Wicked environment than just focusing on the built environment, there is wicked thinking.

‘Wicked Thinking’ is the thinking that will determine success, or more simply the ability to change your thinking is where the biggest wins come from.

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