Wicked Products & Services

We love to provide products that are good for you. As we go forward we are looking for partners that align with our values and provide products and services that compliment all that we do

  • Wicked Designs Pty Ltd produce a range of products from specialized painted glass,  completely enclosed entertainment units, wicked mail boxes and more. Our research and development division focuses on products that make life easy, are practical and have a unique flair. We love art and design and endeavor to include artistic elements to enhance the home environment. 
  • Zazen Water filters remove harmful chemicals and add vital minerals for optimum health. Not just any water will do.  We believe the quality of your water will enhance the quality of your life.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Zazen Water to ensure your water is the best it can be. Zazen Water Filters. Want to know more? Go direct to the zazen website to see the benefits of filtered alkaline mineral water. The water that makes all the difference.
  • Solar hot water systems – under consideration…call again soon

Business Partners

Our business partners provide excellent services that align with us and have vision and desire to make a difference. Our business partners can support you too.

  • My Dream Builder; our preferred builder of Wicked Homes 
  • Fusion Business Services; Accounting and tax advisory services 
  • Live Well By Design; training and coaching services in business, marketing and life enhancement. LWBD changes your thinking, your habits and your life, very simply we help you create the future you dream about.
  • TenderMasta: our expert we use for pricing, budgets and quotes that will leave nothing out. No one wants a nasty surprise at the end of the project.
  • Maci Building Management: Maci = Making All Construction Intelligent; our expert, with over 38 years experience  in all things building, including new construction, re-modelling, refurbishment, maintenance and project management.
  • We are looking for visionary partners to align with our business; could that be you? 

Do you have a passion for helping people...

Do you have a passion for helping people, providing solutions to problems or products that just make life better. Please contact us if you would love to join our crusade.

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you have a desire to make a difference and contribute to a better world. Contact us to find out more or send us an email.

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