People that inspire us

Follow the links below to gain an insight into the world of wellness

Inspiration to create Wicked Homes came from our personal journey and people that inspired to follow a different path. The links to people below provide information, facts and scientific evidence to support our cause and enable you to make informed decisions to live a healthier life.


Nicole Bijlsma a Healthy Homes more

Nicole Bijlsma a Healthy Homes Expert and Founder of The Australian College of Environmental Studies  and author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family a book dedicated to helping families improve their home environment. Nicole’s passion for wellness is evident and her enthusiasm and commitment is to be applauded.

All In The Mind and The Wellness more

My first encounter with wellness came from All In The Mind with Lynne Malcolm on ABC Radio where I downloaded podcasts I listened to on my daily walks. A great investment is understanding the mind and how it affects everything you do.  This followed on to The Wellness Guys podcasts and many more on The Wellness Couch. The Wellness Guys, Dr Damian, Dr Laurence and Dr Brett along with CEO of The Wellness Couch, Marcus Pearce creator of The Exceptional Life Blueprint program have all had an enormous effect. “Not only have these guys changed my mind they have changed my my life”…Chery Lanne.

An extract from The Wellness Couch website [The Wellness Couch is the brainchild of the hosts of Australia’s #1 health podcast show The Wellness Guys – a weekly show composed of chiropractors Dr TWG_Logo_iTunes_newLaurence Tham, Dr Damian Kristof and Dr Brett Hill – that has consistently ranked at the top of iTunes since their debut in mid 2011.

Discovering an ever-increasing demand in the marketplace for more up-to-date information on health, wellness, exercise, eating and lifestyle, the Wellness Guys decided to recruit more national and international experts in taking their wellness message to the world.]

The Good Doctors and mind body more

The Good Doctors, Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse were originally on The Wellness Couch however they have moved their podcast to The Good Doctors website and provide many insights into holistic medicine. Which is not about medicine at all it’s understanding the body, what it needs and how everything is connected. It’s really mind body medicine.

Chris Woollams, CancerActive and Chris Woollams Health more

My encounter with Chris Woollams at an event in Bundaberg changed my life. Chris is an inspiration and an amazing guy. He dedicates his life to educating people about cancer through his websites CancerActive and Chris Woollams Health Watch and presents talks on what you can do to beat cancer or more importantly prevent cancer.  His information is free however you can support his charities by purchasing his books online at CancerActive.

Dr Peter Dingle, researcher, educator and public more

Dr Peter Dingle is one passionate dude. I met Peter in Gladstone, Queensland and was so impressed by his knowledge, his passion and his story I bought most of his books. Once again the information Peter presents changed my thinking and perspective on what we need to do to overcome the current paradigm of waiting to get sick before doing something. You can find out more about Peter on his website DrDingle or his FaceBook Page Dr Dingle.

Dr Tony Taylor Founder of The Holistic Health Group in more

Dr Tony is another inspirational person providing a holistic view of health.  Real health does not come from food alone. Dr Tony Taylor works in all levels of health: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. He writes a terrific BLOG and provides a path to wellness through the Holistic Health Group.