The Winning Edge Workshop

The Winning Edge Workshop


A Winning Edge will help you get more out of life

Presented by Chery Lanne

Are you stuck doing what everyone else wants you to do?

Do you know what working smarter not harder is?

Would you like to discover the recipe for a great life?

A great life is built on one success on top of another.

If you would like the answers to any of the above then you may be a candidate for The Winning Edge Workshop. Read the description below for more information.

See REVIEWS for a testimonial from the previous workshop.

Location, date and venue of next Winning Edge Workshop to be advised.

The workshop includes light refreshments, a workbook, TIPS and a Winning Edge Tool for $125.00. 



How do you get a winning edge in life?

Well its similar to how you get a winning edge in business.

You’ve probably heard “work smarter, not harder” many times.

Not many people know or understand what working smarter is.

Initially I had no idea what that meant until I went searching the world for answers.

Many people follow the well worn path in life and business without realising it doesn’t lead to greater returns.

Over the last four years I discovered being successful in life is similar to being successful in business.

There are 4 Essentials and the first one is HEALTH or what I discovered is holistic health; healthy body, healthy mind, healthy belief system.

Holistic health is one topic in my book ‘Wicked Thinking’ and it is not usually understood what it takes to be healthy holistically.

It is not about following everyone else and success in life is not determined by following everyone else.

In fact following everyone else only makes you the same as everyone else.

If you would love to find out what I discovered  when I researched really successful people then this event may be a step to working smarter not harder.

Topics covered include:

Building Biology basics – prevention is better than a cure.

How your thinking will set you up to succeed. (Similar to Think and Grow Rich)

What the foundations are for success. (Life and business)

You will take home a Winning Edge Tool; it is also known as an Understanding Tool, to help with your relationships, at home, at work and in business.

This could be your opportunity to gain a “Winning Edge” in life.

This workshop will uncover what the problems are and what you can do about the problems.

You will not learn this in school. You will not learn this in the workplace.

You will discover what the 4 Essentials are for a GREAT life.

This workshop is an investment in your greatest asset – YOU.

The Winning Edge Workshop covers Essential # 1. Your health and well-being.

You will learn how to create a space that enhances you not harms you.

Your takeaways will be the ability to see things differently, and the steps to get you started to create an environment that enhances you for life.

You will leave with the most valuable skills to eliminate harmful stuff. Harmful stuff is the major cause of illness and disease and most people don’t know what harmful stuff is.

This workshop taps into the abundant minds of great people.

You will gain wisdom from abundant minds the world over. Trying to gain wisdom any other way will cost you a lot more money or heartache. Some people never ever gain this wisdom, mainly because they are not looking to get better. Most people are happy to stay stuck in a grind of doing it the same way on other people’s terms. Not on their own terms.

This is an opportunity to take charge of your life and your future, especially if you plan on being in it for a long time.

The workshop includes refreshments, a workbook, resources and links to amazing information.

I’m offering a money back guarantee. That means if you attend the workshop and feel the information and wisdom I share is of no value to you, I’ll gladly refund your money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Discover what the winning edge is.


  1. “Chery shared her personal experience and those of other successful business entrepreneurs, dissecting the lessons and what works in life and in business. She is an inspirational example of wellness. I felt privileged to benefit from her journey and sharing and needed to be reminded of the life lessons she brings. I now feel more confident that I have the qualities needed to grow our business and find myself putting those ideas into practice. Whether you see yourself as a business person or not.” Sue Boyes, The Big Pot Nursery, Melrose Tasmania

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