What is a Wicked Home?

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 A Wicked Homes is a Wellness Home, built to sustain life…because living well for a lifetime requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy environment.

Living well is living smarter for a long time.

Our mission to provide the healthiest and smartest building environment.

The Wicked Home concept is centred on sustainability for life, combining:

  • environmentally friendly products to ensure no harm comes to you or your children
  • the science of Building Biology for health and well-being
  • passive design for energy efficiency
  • ‘livability’ ensures an easier life long living environment
  • the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, which is the art of harnessing good energy, and
  • a guarantee of no nasty surprises at the end of the day.

Wellness is not something you wish for, it is something you create.


We aim to give you the best return on your biggest investments, you.

Your health is your greatest wealth and a healthy home provides the most important environment to nurture the little people in your life, your second biggest investment.


Need more information…take a little bit of time to investigate further because you may have stumbled on the most important website on the planet.

Your environment could be doing you harm or worse, it could be making you sick.

Our SPECIALTY is essential, sustainable environments that are WICKED.


Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental  Design…that’s wicked.


If health and prosperity is on your must have list or you wish to live healthier and happier for longer a Wicked Home Hamper is a good starting point because it is the start of the journey to create a Wicked life.

A Wicked Home Hamper contains cleaning products without nasty toxins or endocrine disrupting chemicals plus a list of recommended products with no or low VOC s (volatile organic compounds) plus we provide recommendations for water filtration that works and more, to give you a winning edge in life

The recipe for abundant living is based on science provided by good people… you can book to attend a Live Well By Design workshop if learning more is your thing.

ULTIMATELY when you invest in a Wicked Home you get:

  • an environment designed for you, unique to you needs
  • a life free from harsh chemicals, toxins and nasty stuff
  • a home designed to be easy to manage and easy to live in
  • energy efficiency built in to save you money long term 
  • a home designed with natural products in mind
  • a home designed for living a long time
  • a home that breathes life and contains good energy
  • a design adaptable to your needs, as your money flows or your family grows
  • a package that has no nasty surprises or sinks your ship (think Titanic, iceberg and not enough life rafts)
  • you even get an opportunity to build wealth; and
  • access to a network of well intentioned professionals
  • plus we guarantee to please

An energy efficient, liveable, adaptable and toxic free home is the smartest home of all!

Our aim is to create an environment to live longer without illness and disease…just like a blue zone. For more information about Blue Zones click here.

The joy of life is living it well. Find out How Here, send us your request, we’d love to help.

Before you begin

To understand where the concept of a wellness home came from. Please go to our Blog: What Steve Jobs couldn’t buy?  and check out our Objectives, Vision, Mission and Values to see if we align with your values and ideals. We think this is important.


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Further to the information available on this website we invite you to visit www.buildingbiology.com.au  and read ‘Healthy Home, Healthy Family’ by Nicole Bijlsma, Australia’s first and foremost Building Biology authority. Nicole is the founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies and provides services in alignment with our vision for the future.