Wicked Designs

Wicked Weeny Homes: the place to start if your bank account or assets are low and want them to grow

Where do I to start in the home ownership race is a good question to ask?

If you’ve never owned a property before it can look pretty daunting and sometimes freaking scary. Some people never get over this hurdle until they have a partner or double incomes to justify taking out a loan. Either way doing it on your own or joining forces with someone will take some planning and justification to give up the comfort of letting someone else be the responsible one, your mum and dad or landlord.

You’ll need to tick a few boxes to get you started.  This is where our ‘Questions That Need Answering’ comes in handy. It’s the questions that provide the answers; what to do first? And how to go about it? Once you have an understanding of the way forward you can plan your transition from living at home or renting and move into property mogul.

Weeny Wicked Homes provide a starting point, not necessarily the end point unless that’s all you require however being a Weeny home owner starts you on a journey where you’ll get a feeling of independence ready to move anytime you’re ready to bigger and more luxurious if that’s your aim.


Wicked Expandable Homes: add more space as your family grows or your money flows

When your needs change most people have to sell up and move to another home when sometimes it would be easier to just expand as your needs change. Our expandable option gives you a way to plan for your expansion in advance. If you haven’t thought about those unexpected surprises, we don’t want to alarm you but a two bedroom unit will not always accommodate the pitter patter of tiny feet or a family of five.  Picture when your parents want to come and stay, keeping everyone happy can be a huge problem and not easy to find a remedy.  Unless you’ve planned for these events in advance.

Wicked Expandable Homes start with what you need today and tomorrow in mind.  Designed to easily expand for a growing family or maybe accommodation for extended family. We’ve even devised a way to generate an income when you’re kids are old enough to pay. Or thinking of you’re own AirBnB.

Our tip is start with the end in mind. That way your hard earned money is not handed to the government in stamp duty, or to an agent in fees. We’ve been there and it’s not pretty. You do all the work to your home and someone else gets the benefit.

Wicked Expandable Homes can also be created with an expanded income in mind. Food for thought if you’ve got a desire to use your property as the beginning of a property portfolio and wealth creation is on our mind.

Wicked Sustainable Homes: this home will sustain you for life, for more years not tears

Wicked Sustainable Homes are not your ordinary home. Our version of a Wicked Sustainable Home is all about a sustainable life, designed to give you better health and more wealth. The two things that you’ll need if you want to live longer without illness and disease.  We think sustainable living is about the person, the environment your create within the home and not just about bricks and mortar. We put the people first so you can really live well and be the one in charge of your life’s journey.

Wicked Sustainable Homes are livable, designed for your needs, low maintenance, energy efficient and toxic free environments which means they look after your health and your wealth. We even have a wicked way to help you earn money from your home. For this added bonus you will have to qualify. But who doesn’t like a pay packet once in a while, especially when most of the hard work is done for you. Further information needs to be provided to qualify.