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Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental Design is a WICKED strategy you can use to create a healthy sustainable environment for better health and lifelong well-being.

We use science and smart ways to help reduce exposure to EMF, Chemicals and Biological toxins lurking in the built environment.

 "The systems we rely on to keep us safe have been captured, corrupted and coerced into submission by profits at any cost and it's time to reinvent sustainability to gain control of our future." Cheryl Mead, Building Biologist

Being smarter in this age of chaos is now a necessary survival skill.

 Wicked Tip #1


Natural intelligence has been hijacked and we explain why and how to fix that problem.

Everything we do is backed by science and evidence, not myths and misconceptions about EMF, chemicals and cures.

Let's be clear, we don't solve every health problem in the world, we only solve the ones that are preventable, fixable and deliverable.

We test everything so we know it to be true. If we can't prove it works we don't use it.

WICKED information and WICKED tactics are delivered at WICKED WORKSHOPS


What is PROVEN

What are the SOLUTIONS

Our WICKED tactics don't stop there:

  • We'll help you identify the invisible forces, sources and causes of inflammation that start the disease process, backed by science and evidence you can trust.
  • We'll expose how Natural Selection works and why it's the key to sustainability and fertility. Plus you'll gain a lifetime advantage backed by Mother Nature and Murphy's Sustainability Policy.
  • We'll help you master the art of Evolutionary Thinking. This is the art of sowing and reaping. It's what WICKED thinking is based on.

Most people don't investigate what makes them sick, what causes cancer or dementia or why more and more children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. We think differently and believe everything has a cause and most causes are preventable.

When you master natural intelligence and prevention tactics you'll have the ability to overcome health issues caused by the unnatural environment man-kind has constructed.

When nothing changes, nothing changes, that's why Wellness Inspired Constructive Knowledge & Environmental Design is a game changer, because our tactics change what you believe to be true and it's why WICKED thinking could be a life safer.

You may want to use WICKED thinking to nurture your future to prevent illness and disease or you may just want to get better, richer, healthier, happier and so on. It doesn't matter which one you choose but it does matter that you make a choice because that's the trigger, and it's best not to pull the wrong trigger.

WICKED thinking is like a brain transplant to master your natural intelligence and your thinking power. In a nutshell, this is Natural Selection at work and we've identified why your thinking reigns supreme.

If you never harness natural intelligence or master mind control (cause and effect of thoughts) you will never be in control of your life because something or someone else will be controlling you. And we can prove it.

The evidence and the science behind results is what matters and it's what we focus on.

"Look deep into Nature and there you will find the answers."  Albert Einstein.

Natural Selection is one of the greatest discoveries of all time and when you understand how significant the selection process is, you can influence it positively in your favour. The alternative is to have no influence and let the world around you dictate your future and your success in life.

Here's some things we can help you do to boost your future potential:

  1. Get rid of stuff that makes you sick; 

    • Chemicals and products that harm you.
    • UnNatural Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Frequencies -3G, 4G, & 5G.
    • Thinking that does you no good.
  2.  Learn the art of Natural Selection;

    • To raise healthy wicked kids.
    • To get better at getting better without prescriptions.
    • To get the most life out of life, at any age.
  3. Design an environment that looks after you for life;

    • To gain lots of years without tears. Our greatest aim.
    • To master energy efficiency and economic viability.
    • To ensure prosperity and peace of mind.

When you work out exactly what you want to get out of life, all you have to do is work backwards. If that sounds a bit tricky, let us help overcome the "I don't know what to do" conundrum and explain what Einstein was on about when he said "influence the energy positively or negatively and that will be the result."

Einstein knew about energy fields, and why they are important. That's why knowing what's in your environment matters and it's why the science of Building Biology provides a key to environmental wellness and long-term good health.

Building Biology and WICKED thinking, (the art of evolutionary thinking), are brain teasers so we've whittled them down to three tactics to tickle your brain cells:

  1. Prevention is better than a prescription
  2. Do today what pays off tomorrow
  3. Less can be more beneficial but not when it comes to learning how to be successful.

When you master these three WICKED thinking tactics you gain a distinct advantage over herd mentality, which is a belief held by many people that "if everyone else is doing it it must be OK." We know for a fact herd mentality is doing great harm.

It's time to change the pattern of thinking from "I can't control the future to "I can control my future."

The time to change is NOW, not when it's too late and the damage is done.

"A Natural Selection advantage is a pay it forward process, based on natural intelligence, scientific research and critical thinking, the precursor to success, not regret."

Cheryl Mead

Cheryl is a qualified Building Biologist, EMF Technician and Healthy Building and Environmental Specialist on a mission to change the way we think about sustainability and livability.

Member of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists: asbb,org.au

Find out more about the Philosophy of a Wicked Thinker and why we do what we do; click here.


Building Biology

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Why Natural Selection Matters

We don't rule our world, Mother Nature does and always has.

Natural Selection is not an exact science but it is the science we have evolved with and underpins human existence.

Natural Selection is the key process in the evolution of all species, observed and defined by Charles Darwin.

Skills and traits to sustain generations are determined by your environment, not by chance.

It's the same reason why the rich get richer, the wise get wiser or the sick get sicker and the poor stay poor.

Modern evolution is governing modern day results.

It's no longer safe to fit in; because fitting in is killing our ability to be sustainable for life.

To RID your Home or Workplace of Nasty Stuff

It takes 3 simple steps


You tell us your health or building problem and what you hope to achieve


We identify nasty stuff or diagnose a building or environmental problem


We provide safer products and WICKED building solutions

RESULT: Healthy  Environment and Healthy Happy People


Products good for you and the environment

We test everything to make sure it's good for Murphy and his Nan


WICKED Solutions

Home and Workplace Assessments and Naturally Healthy Building Design & Construction.


Learn the art of real sustainability

Designing a sustainable environment using natural selection and evolutionary thinking is a science and an art. Our Wicked Workshops give you the skills and the knowledge you need to be safer and smarter for lifetime returns.

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Inspiration to create Wicked Homes came from our personal journey and from inspirational people following a different path.

The links to organisations below provide information, facts and scientific evidence to support our cause and enable you to make informed decisions to live a healthier life.


Australasian Society of Building Biologists


Environmental Working Group

The Healthy Building Network

FACTS on HAZARDS in the BUILT Environment


Inspiration to create Wicked Homes came from our personal journey and from inspirational people following a different path.

The links to organisations below provide information, facts and scientific evidence to support our cause and enable you to make informed decisions to live a healthier life.


Australian Society of Building Biologists


Environmental Working Group

The Healthy Building Network

FACTS on HAZARDS in the BUILT Environment