10 Wi-Fi safety tips not in your phone manual

The old saying ‘better safe than sorry’ has never been more important.

Steve Jobs may have been a smarty pants but he definitely didn’t do humanity any favours when he (Apple Incorporated) developed, marketed and sold smart phones without doing serious safety testing, especially for long term users, or for children or pregnant women. They have since updated their safety messages and exclude themselves from any law suite by providing a safety warning in their manual. You can check yourself if you don’t believe me in Apple important safety information – scroll to the section on radiation to see what they say. The safety warnings are not easy to find. I wonder why? Could it lead to not using your phone so much? Could that lead to a big drain in their profit? These are questions most people never ask.

A report published by the BioInitiative Working Group (2017), a proactive group of leading experts from around the world, confirmed using a smart phone increases your risk of getting a brain tumor, and the more you use it the greater the risk. All man-made electromagnetic radiation (Wi-Fi) cause damage at a biological level. That means the damage is done to your cells which make up every part of your body.

It’s time to be more switched on by switching the way you use your phone. Or switching to a land line or VOIP.

These are my top tips to reduce radiation exposure from your mobile phone:

  1. Use a shielding case designed for your phone and model number and never hold your phone against your head (I use a Vest Anti Radiation Phone Cover)
  2. Use your phone on loud speak or with ear phones and if you have an anti-radiation phone cover, keep it closed when talking on the phone.
  3. Never let your kids use your phone as a toy, for two reasons. #1. It exposes them to more radiation than adults because they have smaller bodies and developing brains (up to the age of 25) and they are more at risk of neurological or biological repercussions. No one has biological immunity from electromagnetic radiation (radio frequencies) and you definitely won’t hear about this from the manufacturers or the Telecommunications industry. #2. You’re training your kids to be dependent on smart technology instead of training them to be smarter than the smart phone. You need your kids to be smarter than the Telco’s that don’t care about your child’s development and have no vested interest in their future potential. It’s why we do Wicked Kids Workshops, to ensure you are raising healthy, smarter kids, able to reproduce and raise healthy kids of their own.
  4. Limit exposure by limiting Wi-Fi in vehicles or any metal enclosed environment such as elevators, trains and planes.
  5. Keep all smart devices out of bedrooms and turn your phone off at night or put it on Flight Mode.
  6. Never sleep with your phone under your pillow. It will stop you from getting a good nights sleep which is when your body does all it’s repair work.
  7. Never charge your phone near your bed or next to you during the day. And never use it plugged into your charger because you will get a double whammy, EMR and a heightened electromagnetic field (EMF).
  8. Never carry your phone in your top pocket, it could affect your heart and have an impact on your neurological system (Pall 2018)
  9. All Wi-Fi technology should be used less and computers/devices with cables more; smart people are wired people.
  10. Learning more about the dangers of wireless technology is a smart move and the Environmental Health Trust is a great place to gain wisdom without pain. I have more tips on the safe use of technology in How to be Smarter Than Your Smartphone.

And guys, it’s probably not a good idea to carry your phone in the pocket of your jeans. That’s if you plan on having kids sometime in the future. Do you know what it’s doing to your sperm producing capability or your ability to produce a healthy baby? I guess not. And I’m guessing you probably don’t want testicular cancer unless you like playing Russian roulette with your precious parts. Get some cold hard facts here: BioInitiative Report Section 18 – Electromagnetic Field Exposure Effects on Fertility and Reproduction 2012.

I used to love my phone and thought I couldn’t do without it but I wised up and now take prevention seriously. I use wired technology and reduce my exposure by 95%. Mainly because dementia and death by brain tumour or cancer is worth preventing.

It pays to think twice before using your phone in any metal enclosed environment, like a tin shed or metal clad building,  because the radiation is multiplied in metal surroundings. Metal enclosures work like microwave ovens, they multiply the effects of the radiation. Ouch! A little bit of prevention can go a long way and could save you lots of misery and lost potential.

Our next generation is at risk of  profits at any cost which is evident in the telecom and chemical/drug industries. Governments are not considering the cost to our future generations because they focus on the money they make, not the devastation of multiple health effects. The fact is health effects are big money makers.

It pays to invest in prevention as a life-time investment because short term thinking could cost you in the long term.

The NBN roll-out of fibre was a good investment, if you can get connected but if all you have access to is a wireless connection it’s only a matter of time before you will be negatively affected.

We are not told Wi-Fi is the snake in the grass. It will bite you and it will hurt. Would you let your kids play in the grass if you knew a snake was living there. Wi-Fi is not quite the same as a snake because it takes many bites before the danger is exposed or the damage done. But like snakes, Wi-Fi is best kept a long way away from your precious ones and your precious parts, like your brain, your heart and your reproductive system.

Being wiser is a wise move.  Don’t let being connected overtake common sense. It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you’re not alive or your kids are not alive to benefit from your hard work.

If you want to know more about prevention and how to create a safer and smarter environment check out our WICKED Workshop topic here.

Read the scientific evidence from experts worldwide: Update Nov 2017 BioInitiative Report 2012

Thanks to Don Maisch PhD from EMFacts Consultancy for sharing and  Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Associate Professor Department of Oncology, University Hospital, Orebro, Sweden and Michael Carlberg, MSc, Department of Oncology, University Hospital Orbero, Sweden, authors of the Nov 17 Update.

We live in a world where it’s Survival of the Smartest, because fitting in is killing us.

You can learn more about being ahead of the rest at a Survival of the Smartest Workshop, and why fitting in is a problem.

Take care and take control, don’t let others decide your fate.

Cheryl Mead | Building Biologist | EMF Testing Technician and Environmental Health Consultant