About Wicked Homes


Your future and our future depends on 3 things

Good health, good fortune and good thinking

All three are needed for sustainability

To create environments sustainable for life. That’s our mission.

Our Promise is also our priority

To care for people, big and small.



What matters?

  • People come first and foremost from our clients and their needs, the people we do business with and our people who produce the goods.
  • A passion for Wellness; without wellness you cannot excel in life.
  • Our purpose is to make a difference. To elevate the well-being of people through the built environment by creating a truly sustainable home a “Wellness Home” and a new paradigm in business that brings wellness into the workplace.
  • Definition of wellness: Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

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    Cancer commonalities: What I learnt from Chris Woollams Talk in Bundaberg … and more.


    Our Unique selling position

    You get more than a Wicked Home, you get a wicked life.
    No one else will build you a wellness home or deliver a home that returns an income for the rest of your life.

    It is truly your health and wealth we care about.
    You will not find a wellness home package anywhere else.


    Key benefits

    • Your home will be a no or low toxic environment
    • Stress-free living, with efficiency built in
    • Ancient wisdom is used to create an environment that energises and nurtures you and your family
    • We aim to make maintenance of your home easy, inside and outside
    • Mother Nature knows best so natural products combined with modern methods ensure optimum performance and pleasure.


    What we believe

    Wellness is not something that happens. It’s something you create.

    You have two options, wait until you are sick, to find out what harms you OR call us first and design your environment and your world the way it should be, as nature intended.

    Our customers come first and this is why:

    We cannot have a business without customers.  We want customers that care about their health, their families and their environment and customers that will recommend us and customers that will come back again.


    Our guarantee

    We offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    We look after people who are passionate about health. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    Creating a non-toxic, natural environment will give you and your children an edge in life.

    We believe in a win win for everyone so we’ve included wealth creation as a priority in our package…with an option to make money from your home.

    We guarantee you will be pleased with a wellness home and an income from your investment. Request a FREE consultation by clicking HERE, no obligation and no hard sell.

    We believe in helping you, not harming you.


    The Budget

    The budget will be determined by a selection process but we do not focus on cheap because no one really wants cheap. We believe you want value and service…a fair price…and that’s what we deliver.


    Our TEAM of girls and guys

    Directors, Partners & Personnel

    Building Biologist and Founder of Wicked Homes Australia: CheryLanne Mead

    Chery Lanne


    CEO Chief Enjoyment Officer- changing beliefs

    It’s time to create a different ending.  CheryL has been the silent one, working in the building industry along side Brett for many years. And it’s CheryL’s plan to bring health and wellness into home design and construction.

    Due to her mother dying of cancer at a young age and the fact that people are still dying of cancer and preventable disease she felt someone had to take a stand for what is right and founded Wicked Homes Australia and WELF training programs for people wanting to upskill, combined with Live Well By Design Consultancy (based on Building Biology) to put you in control of your environment.

    A Wellness Home was born because of her personal journey, because people inspired her and it’s time to uncover what she discovered about illness and disease that most people don’t know.

    Wicked Homes evolved from the discovery we all get what we deserve. The good and the bad.

    After CheryL discovered a great life is an option if you know how to think, a great book was born. ‘Wicked Thinking’ … lessons from abundant minds. The theory is a great life runs on the same parallels as a great business, both are possible if you know what counts.

    In reality everything has a cause, everything and everyone is effected and everything evolves. Just as a seed grows into a flower or a tree, so too do great ideas if they have the right environment, care and nurturing.

    The best way to achieve in life is with help from experts, it is not possible to know it all, that is why we engage experts in every field and work with partner businesses to deliver you a complete package.

    We like everyone in our business to write their own life plan, to do work they are good at and passionate about.

    Everyone gets to design their future and live their life on purpose.

    Chery’s business buddies:

    Brett; our building brains and go to guy for building know how (Registered Building Practitioner Open / Unlimited, Victoria and Tasmania)

    Raeghen; our Child Care Expert is passionate about good health and good environments for our little people. Married to our son.

    Geordie; our adrenaline expert and timber building guy, worked in Canada, handles extremes very well and knows how to have serious fun.


    There is room for more so when we find the right people to fill the bus we will let you know.