Building & Construction Services

Building a Sustainable Healthy Home or Workplace

Wellness Inspired Construction includes passive solar design for energy efficiency; scientific architecture to ensure the walls breathe to eliminate condensation problems; Livability or Adaptability depending on your needs; planning to ensure a lower environmental footprint using recycled materials when possible; and a package to Live Well By Design. Our ACES Certified Building Biologist works in conjunction with our accredited Building Practitioner to select naturally healthy products and guide other building trades to create a higher quality healthy sustainable building.  Building for health is based on International Building Biology Standards with an emphasis on location, orientation, energy efficiency and a healthy indoor environment to deliver life time benefits. Our strategy for living well is focused on illness prevention and less stress is best. You end up with an environment sustainable for life.

Other Services:

Guidance for Budgets and Estimates

Site selection and analysis using Building Biology guidelines

Environmental sustainability advice and energy efficiency assessment

Healthy building material specifications

Landscaping and a low maintenace garden can be included

Building management and building maintenance

Fire control – Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) compliance

Geobiology assessment pre-start on request.

Dream of home
Budget control
Time to Upgrade
Location image
Estimating & Ipad & plan
Landscape courtyard garden

Project Design

If you're planning to build or renovate, we can help with the design and development process to ensure your building is safe, sustainable, energy efficient and naturally good for your long term health. Not many builders know or understand Building Biology or how to reduce environmental toxins. We guide you through all building stages, from planning, building approval, selection of sub-trades to contract management and construction. Nothing is left to chance.

Owner Builder Support

Owner Builder Support is designed to help ease the pressure and guide the process of building or renovating for those needing a safer and healthier environment. Our support is aimed at reducing the stress and worry of building, knowing what products to select to reduce environmental toxins or how to overcome those testy problems that arise during the building process is what we specialise in. Stress-less by getting help during the preliminary stages to iron out the prickly issues the easy way. Be smart, be safe and be satisfied with the result.