Why Choose Wellness Inpired Construction & Building Biology

We exist because Nature controls the process and the outcome, both good and bad.

We have been designed brilliantly by Mother Nature and mankind has ignored and obstructed natures intelligence for 100 years. It's now time to bring natural forces back into focus and work with Nature to create harmonious environments.

Your body knows how to heal, it just needs an environment that is kind to your brain, body and nervous system to sustain you for life. 

Building biology is a science based on health standards designed to work with natural forces. Building biology guidelines reduce exposure to environmental toxins known to cause biological damage.

When you combine evolutionary thinking, natural selection knowledge and healthy building science you effectively engage prevention to reduce prescriptions. That's why Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental Design is the antidote when prescriptions don't work.

It's the recipe we use to get more life out of life!



 Be curious, want the truth and a better life.

We start by asking questions to find out what is important to you before helping you create a healthier home or work place.

Click on each element to find out more.

We start by asking lots of questions most people don’t ask. We’re like a detective looking for clues to hunt down the robbers of good health. We cover 8 topics to ensure living and working environments meet Building Biology guidelines and use science and research based on human sustainability to provide the best solutions.

Detection of harmful stuff needs a trained expert in environmental toxins.  It is the detection and elimination of what harms biological cells that will sustain us in years to come. Environmental health has proved to be a critical component of human health and successful regeneration.  That's why it's critical to create a safe home and a smart community to nurture our children and their children, now and in years to come. Without healthy children we risk sustainability of the human race. 

Where you live or where you want to live is really important. We help investigate and establish the best possible environment that will sustain good health. It may take some testing and analysis to get it right but when your health and the health of your family is your priority, you are far off better safe than sorry. Check out Building Biology Services for building and site inspection information.

Not all air is good for you. Lack of oxygen kills you faster than anything else, however air allergens, airborne viruses, chemicals or what are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from wet applied products, materials containing formaldehyde and flame retardants such as furnishings and building products can be harmful to health. Indoor air can be full of biological toxins like mould causing chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) and dust mite poo known to cause asthma and respiratory (breathing) illnesses and lead to ill health. There are solutions and ways to fix most problems.

Water is the second most important element to life after oxygen. Water contaminated with chemicals can have detrimental effects on your immune system and seriously stuff up your gut microbiome (good bacteria). Children getting an overload of fluoride and chlorinated by products can end up with serious side effects and lower IQ. More information is available at .  Knowing what water filter or water filter system you need in your home or office is a little tricky.  Ask an expert for help. [Building Biology Services]

Our modern world has evolved very quickly compared to our biological evolution which took 70,000 years. Only in the last 100 years have we been exposed to masses of electricity and only in the past 20 years have we been exposed to wireless technology and Wi-Fi. Both electricity and wireless technology are what we can’t live without. Both have energy fields that are dangerous to humans and animals and especially dangerous to embryos, babies, children, our reproductive system and our brain. Knowing how to reduce exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields and Wi-Fi (Why Fry) takes expert knowledge. We have no desire to do away with these wonderful technologies but to not consider their impact on health is dangerous and potentially catastrophic. Help is available to prevent damage to biological cells. We believe the best solution is to be smarter to be more sustainable. We have multiple solutions to be smarter and more in control of your environment and your life in our blogs and in our Workshops

Our mission is to provide the healthiest and smartest buildings possible. The WICKED concept is centred on sustainability for life and its starts with a sustainable building, a lighter environmental footprint and healthy products. We don’t take anything for granted and start with what is important to you and develop a plan to deliver the dream. Wellness Inspired Construction incorporates:

Passive (solar) design – orientation + thermal insulation + design for climate + energy efficiency + healthy building products and a lower long-term environmental footprint.

You end up with a design unique to your needs, within budget, livable and adaptable to your immediate and future needs. More details are available in our FREE FACT Sheets.

Building Biology is the backbone of a healthy home but it’s not the only thing we focus on. Caring and kindness often get lost in the process of building, but we’re different. We think everything matters from the budget to the people, big and small, the building process and the end result. Building a wellness home doesn’t follow a normal building process. We take wellness seriously and believe less stress is best, that’s why our building experts focus on no nasty surprises, during or after completion. It may take a little more planning and education but we think the result will be worth it. More insight into our priorities can be found in our Polices.

When we discovered what was making us and the planet sick we decided to change focus, change products and change practices. We have a NASTY List which outlines what we leave out and if your wish is to be healthier we can help eliminate nasty stuff from your home or workplace.  Health and wellness is not an accident, and neither is cancer and disease…it’s a process. We provide a Nasty List at our Workshops to help people select wisely to reduce toxic exposures. Naturally healthy products produce a naturally better result. 


A healthy future with sustainable people, a sustainable economy and a sustainable environment is a future our children need and one we would like our children's children to inherit

The sustainability recipe includes:

  • Love & Caring

  • Building Health

  • Passive Design & Energy Efficiency

  • Wisdom from Abundant Minds

  • Lessons from Blue Zones & Health experts

The World as We see it

To gain an advantage in life you’re going to need information.

The information must be from reliable sources and from people you can trust.

Our WICKED crew have travelled the world to find the answers and researched the research to ensure you get the best information and service.  If you find mistakes or errors in our posts please let us know, we’re human and mistakes happen plus we love feedback, even if it means we need to make corrections. We like good feedback too and we’d like you to share what is important to you and our message of sustainability to your friends and family, only the ones you want to be with in the future, the nasty ones can find their own path to enlightenment.

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