Cancer commonalities

A brief overview of a talk with Chris Woollams, author of Everything you need to know to help you BEAT Cancer.

Before we begin, my aim is to give you knowledge that is powerful but you must use it to get a benefit because knowing without doing is not to know.

Cancer Commonalities:

Lack of oxygen in the blood; this will show up in a blood test when the red blood cells are sticking together.

Lack of nutrition; this means the body in malnourished. This doesn’t mean you are skinny, you can be fat and malnourished. It is the availability of nutrients from food and supplements that enable the body to repair and rejuvenate. This is key in preventing cancer and other chronic conditions.

Cancer is a process starting with irritation and inflammation in the body;  it happens over a long period of time.
Irritation and inflammation in the body is caused by toxins entering the body either through your digestive track, the air you breathe or from exposure to parasites, bacteria or harmful electromagnetic energy.

The majority of toxins in food are from ingredients that are not natural such as highly processed food containing additives, chemicals or non-natural food products. We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis which are in our personal care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, beauty products, shaving cream, shampoos and makeup. Additionally we are exposed to toxins through cleaning products, washing detergents and air fresheners etc.

Workers are somewhat protected from harmful substances through Work Health & Safety legislation and the requirement to initiate safe work practices however our homes or home offices have no such protocol to protect against environmental toxins.  Often women using cleaning products from the supermarket or the child exposed to chemicals in baby wipes and soaps to kids on wireless devises or people constantly on mobile phones and those applying chemicals in the garden are at risk. There is amazing information in Chris’s book ‘Everything you need to know to help you BEAT CANCER’.

The best cancer cure is prevention; the problem in NOT the doctors the problem is the system. (You’ll have to ask me more if you want to know more about this subject – Chris enlightened me).

People who have the highest blood glucose levels develop cancer. People who don’t survive cancer have the highest blood glucose levels.

The information below has been sourced from Chris Woollams websites, and other experts in the field of natural therapies.

From Chris’s book “The Rainbow Diet”:

The Priorities for prevention of cancer, or overcoming cancer combined with the right medical advice are:

♦ limit TOXINS entering the body which include chemicals, drugs (medications)

♦ improve your DIET – a diet similar to the Mediterranean diet or the Rainbow Diet

♦ get some EXERCISE – that increases your heart rate and oxygenates your blood; and

♦ less stress is best.



Follow a Ketogenic Diet – this diet consists of whole foods,  or what I call real food which is mostly fresh and unprocessed foods. Elimination of refined carbohydrates such as white flour, white rice and corn or soy products is essential. Include fats but it must be good fats. Stay away from palm oil and refined vegetable oils and margarine.

Good fats are found in real butter, olive oil, eggs, nuts, avocado and coconut oil and natural food not found in a box..

Foods that are great for you are organic vegetables, meat, fish and nuts and seeds and fruit, but the best fruits are berries such as blueberries. Limit the intake of other fruits by consuming them early in the day to allow the body to burn up the natural sugar. The trick is to not eat fruit after other foods such as your main meal as they sit on the top and ferment and do not digest and get used as energy.

Added sugar is the culprit; daily added sugar calories should not be over 8% of calorie intake. This type of sugar comes from sugar in tea and coffee, softdrink, fruit juice, processed foods, cakes, biscuits, chocolate bars and fast food such as burgers, even Subway and McDonalds put sugar in their bread to make you want to eat more because sugar is addictive. (This was on Dr Karl on ABC Radio).

Diabetes is caused by Pancreatic overload. This is caused by Trans Fats (the bad ones), processed cow’s dairy and refined carbohydrates such as white flour and white rice etc. Raw milk is evidently really good for you. It’s a pity you can’t get hold of it easily.

Inflammation is not the problem, it’s a sign something is wrong.


The microbiome is the makeup of cells in the body. The body is designed to repair itself. When we take drugs and medications thinking they’ll heal us, they actually affect or break down the microbiome. A healthy microbiome is the best defense against illness and disease.

To build your resilience against disease you need to provide the nutrients to your body so it can do the work it needs to do. I asked Chris what he takes or recommends and the only supplement he uses is fish oil (omega 3) daily as it reduces inflammation. Fish oils hold the integrity of telomeres and they will help you live longer. Use a good quality fish oil supplement, one that comes from a reputable company, has not sat on the shelf for too long and is produced by a natural therapies company not a drug company. Drug companies have a vested interest in keeping you sick. (I have put in an extract from his book – see below). His preference is to eat a natural food diet with a rainbow of colours.

Extract from Chris’s book; Everything you need to know to help you BEAT CANCER.

Another factor that drives cancer growth is cellular inflammation. Recent American research has shown people with cancer have higher stress hormone levels. One stress hormone is Cortisol. … this hormone … causes more inflammation and cellular irritation and more rogue cell production. 

Stress on the cells in the body cause cancer. Emotional stress in life is much more debilitating that we realise.

People that develop cancer are the nicest people. They get stressed because they care for others and forget about themselves. This is often the mother as she puts everyone first before her own needs. Those that care for others often become stressed because they feel they have not been able to fix the problems and results in a feeling of inadequacy. The rule should be look after yourself first before you look after others, it’s the same message we get in the plane when they demonstrate the operation of the oxygen mask. Put yours on first. You’re not good dead.

It is also important to remove yourself from toxic environments, (that is emotionally toxic environments) and eliminate toxins entering the body from both food and what you come into contact with such as toothpaste, mouthwash, moisturisers, makeup and soap and through contact with chemicals in cleaning products in the home that contain carcinogens like air fresheners, bleach, ammonias etc. They are full of nasty stuff.

This is a little exercise:

Write down three things that you don’t like doing that make you feel bad.

Write down three things that you used to do that you like doing.

Now do less of the first three you don’t like and do more of the things you do like.

Meditation is also good. It clears the mind and relieves stress. Chris suggests doing it daily or at least 3 times a week.

To prevent illness and disease you need an insurance policy and that insurance policy is based on creating an environment to enhance wellbeing.

Finally an extract from Chris’s book:
2. It’s time to love yourself more. Say out loud, ‘Enough is Enough!’ … It is now time to start loving your body and nourishing it. It’s the only one you have, so look after it carefully.
It is now time to start loving your immune system – you need it more than ever.

And so, on top of ‘cutting out the drivers’ and taking steps to combat the possible stages of cancer in your body, it is now time to REVERSE the environment in your body making it unfriendly to cancer and instead, friendly to health. You are the master of your own health.

“I am now utterly convinced that the toxins around us are causing so many of our cancers. Male or female!” Chris Woollams – MA Biochemistry (Oxon).

Chris is the UK’s leading expert on complementary, alternative and new cancer therapies, and directs a 2,000 page website and the holistic cancer charity CANCERactive. Chris’s first book Everything You Need to Know to Help Beat Cancer sold out in just three months, becoming the ‘bible’ to many cancer patients in their fight to beat cancer.

Cheryl’s personal message:
“It was a privilege to have Chris stay with us in our home. He is a powerhouse of knowledge and passionate about spreading the message. He gives his time for free however proceeds of his books provide the funds to run his websites and he believes talking to people is the best way to spread the message. This is his passion.”