Does life insurance really exist?

This is a wicked question and I say YES, but …

You have to ask yourself: do I want to insure my life or my death?

Better options are available.

Life insurance that ensures you stay alive and well is vastly different to a life insurance policy you pay premiums on for years and years, sometimes never to get a return on that investment.


A life insurance policy that pays you after you drop dead, receive a deadly diagnosis or suffer total and permanent disability is not life insurance. It’s ‘death of life’ insurance. That’s a money making scheme offered by insurance company’s.


‘Life-long’ insurance, the wicked kind, is insurance you invest in based on preventing a diagnosis or total and permanent disability.


Life insurance as we know it, pays out after your life is over; that’s if you qualify, which is not your decision, it’s someone else’s decision. The current model of life insurance is classified as death or permanent disability insurance, and it’s not designed to extend your life or make it better. Some people feel better if they have life insurance, but that’s an emotional benefit, not a life benefit.


Another way to look at life insurance or life protection insurance is learning how to look after yourself or look after the ones who will look after you, till the end of your days. You are the one that will gain the most from being well for a lifetime so it makes sense to invest in yourself, and your children, if they are the ones you want to protect.


What I’m really saying is the best life insurance is the investment you make in you, your knowledge, your life, your health and your wealth by being actively involved in each one to accumulate the health and wealth you need to survive in life. Without a doubt, life-long learning it the best investment you can make. To clarify, life-long insurance is an investment in life years, to add more life to your years and years to your life.


The areas you gain the most benefit from over your lifetime do not require an assessment by another entity (insurance assessor, doctor, a banker or financial adviser to determine if you comply), they just need your undivided attention.


An investment in life-long insurance is an investment in learning, which is really brain-power to apply the principles of prevention and natural selection. This theory is classified as sowing and reaping. You can’t sow a weed and expect to grow an Apple tree, sadly lots do because they fail to see the seeds they sow are not life protection seeds but money making seeds distributed by the reaper, for their life protection and profit, not yours.

The best investment you can make is in:

A healthy mind

A healthy body

A healthy environment

A healthy bank balance

A healthy desire to succeed

A group of like-minded caring people willing to help you when you need it; this is what takes the pressure off because less dis-stress = less disease

Your life is the best investment ever, and don’t let others tell you otherwise.

Our brain, our body and our natural instincts took thousands of years to evolve. If you don’t understand how natural intelligence works and what your body is telling you, you will miss some very important signals your body or your brain is sending you. Your innate intelligence works every minute of every day and it has a way of letting you know what you need more of, in a subtle way and what you need less of in a painful way.


Investing in your greatest assets, your health, your brain power and your income earning capacity far outweigh investing in anything else, mainly because you have the most to gain from learning more about how tremendously intelligent you really are and how to harness that intelligence to gain lifetime advantages.


Join us on a WICKED journey of discovery as we uncover truths and secrets to a great life and expose nasty things that will stop you from getting the most life out of your life.


No one wins alone and life is better if you plan on having some fun, so here’s some tips to tickle your brain cells:


  1. Nothing is more powerful than Mother Nature and Father Sun because they have been supporting our survival since the dawn of time and it’s pretty cool that their benefits are free when you go outside. When you stay inside everything changes.
  2. Having fun is known to cure illness.
  3. Stress is known to condition it. Freaky facts I know, but they are true and backed by science.


Our job is to help you have more fun and stress less. We are the masters of environmental health and know how to harness what nature provides and it’s our job to help you become master of your indoor environment and de-select the culprits of early demise.


All information we provide is backed by science, investigation and research to deliver more bang for your buck. We help you craft an environment to sustain life and provide knowledge to master lifetime success. We know being profitable is beneficial as is the preservation of your biological cells and your natural intelligence.


If you’re not happy with your level of knowledge about prevention or profitability it might be time for a tune-up.


We discovered the secret to sustainability in life is more than health and money, it’s the ability to master Natural Selection and adaptability. If you fail to change in changing times, you fail to be sustainable.


Money is important because you need it to buy stuff, however Natural forces are not money driven. You see natural selection is based on changing before you get knocked off the perch or fail to reproduce. It’s what got us to this point in time and it’s what will sustain us in generations to come.


We know learning more helps you earn more. And when you apply protection tactics similar to putting on a seat belt it’s not just your life you have protected you are protecting your children, your partner and if you’re a business person, you’re protecting your most valuable assets, your employees and your future income earning potential.


Gaining control happens when you master prevention of illness and disease from a biological perspective and learn how to minimise loss from a risk management perspective (that’s a business term for planning not to fail). Managing losses in business, if you’re a business owner, is helped by mastering the art of sustainability and budget control. Poor health and no wealth creating tactics leads to an unsustainable life from a business and enjoyment perspective.



We are not doctors or financial advisers; we are WICKED thinkers on a mission to change the way you think about sustainability, livability, environmental health and life insurance.


Don’t gamble with life by blindly following the systems that will not save you. Medicare is one, Life insurance is another; they only work after the damage is done. They don’t teach you how to fish they suck you into a system that promises a handout, to keep you hooked. Not my idea of a good investment.


If it’s health, wealth or lifetime assets you desire, we can help you plan and build your wicked nest or your egg(s) to reproduce in years to come.  Naturally of course, with no nasty side effects.

Three WIC-K-ED essentials for a wicked life

Wellness Inspired Construction (& Consumption):

The art of creating healthy environments for mind, body and soul (the essence of life).


WIC (part of the WICKED system) is a combination of healthy building science originally used to combat ‘sick building syndrome’ and wellness inspired consumption. The art of dodging the stuff that makes you sick.


There are things in your environment and people that suck the life out of you and you need to know what they are, who they are and how to remedy them. That’s why Building Biology exists and it’s why learning more about biological effects from the built environment and capitalism or capitalist acts could save you years of misery and missed-fortune.


Not all knowledge is equal. You have to know what works and what doesn’t. There’s no such thing as a lucky break, hitting the jackpot or my genes made me the way I am. Nothing beats knowledge when it comes to health or wealth creation and that’s why we help decipher truth from lies masquerading as truth to make a lifetime of difference.


We’ve learned from some seriously smart people and now plan on helping you be become a smart thinker by bridging the knowledge gap to master natural selection, to influence prosperity and disease prevention. Knowledge, to know what to do and what not to do, is the second essential element for sustainability and life-long insurance of a different kind.


Gone are the days when you needed to fit in to survive. That was the original theory of evolution, now it’s SURVIVAL OF THE SMARTEST and we have the evidence to explain why.


You need to be smarter to raise smarter kids, and wiser to stay well for longer. It’s the knowledge you hold and how you apply it that will help you achieve your dreams.

Environmental Design:

Environmental Design is much more than a lower environmental footprint, which is important for human sustainability, however it’s the environment in your mind, your body, your home, your workplace, your community, and the landscape that will help you sustain life in the long-term.


If all we needed for survival was an energy efficient passive (solar) designed home and renewable energy we wouldn’t have people lined up for surgery, prescriptions or aged care facilities. It would be great to have comfortable, sustainable and functional places to live, work and play but it’s the energy in your environment that matters as does the energy of the people and support networks you have that contribute to your overall health and well-being, including financial well-being.


If the place you live or work sucks the life out of you, it’s not likely you will remain healthy, happy and in love with life for very long.


That’s why having a wicked strategy is a wicked life changer and potentially a life-saver.


Gaining a WICKED advantage has merit because current statistics are looking like you will need one. The COVID-19 crisis is a clear example of how things have gone terribly wrong with the modern medical and financial model.


Let us help you prepare a WICKED Life Insurance plan in advance of politicians waking up that ‘profits at any cost’ is a disease of the mind (and capitalism), because by then it may be too late to turn back generational damage. Failures leave clues and we have many to share.  After you are aware of the problems we face, only then can you learn how to dodge them.

Albert Einstein gave us a clue when he said ” we cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

We help cultivate different thinking based on Natural Selection and Survival of the Smartest which is the opposite of a death and disability policy. We don’t give death any assistance. Murphy’s Health Policy.


I invested in a different education to solve the mysteries around cancer and I’m glad I did, it ended up saving my life.


Cheryl Mead, Building Biologist, change-maker and creator of Wicked Thinking, which is still evolving, due to COVID-19.


Life as we known it is changing and I’m not waiting for others to provide the happy ending.


Start closing the knowledge gap today by downloading our short eBook: Survival of the Smartest; because fitting in can be dangerous.


And if you’d like to initiate your own Life-long insurance plan check out our WICKED Workshops; Live Well By Design or Survival of the Smartest are good workshops to start your journey of a lifetime.