What do you get with a Wicked Home?

A Wicked Home is designed to meet ALL your needs, current and future. A truly sustainable home covers environmental sustainability and health and wellbeing.  Our features include liveability, affordability, energy efficiency, passive design and products that won’t harm your health and a process that won’t stress you out.  We allow for many more options to give you  better return on your investment and peace of mind.  It starts with Building Biology and a passive design and Feng Shui  to ensure prosperity, harmony and great energy flow throughout the home; an option for future wealth generation like no other; a satisfaction guarantee; and access to a community of pro-active, resourceful and generous people. We are not a normal building company.

What is the main reason you created Wicked Homes?

After many years in the building industry we became disillusioned with the current paradigm or way of doing things. There is little focus on the people in the home and a lack of understanding of what contributes to illness and disease. We discovered a wealth of knowledge from the People That Inspired Us and decided to step outside the normal building arena to focus on what was important to us. Good health is a prerequisite to living a great life and having a great business. Families must come first, and helping people was our highest priority.

Why not just create a Green Home?

Green Homes are a better option than a standard project home, however they do not cover every element of a Wicked Home which in reality is a Wellness Home. Green Homes focus on orientation and sealing up the home to keep the heat in cooler climates and providing shading and ventilation in hot climates. No other home builders focus on healthy building products or creating a breathable building structure to reduce the possibility of mould, mildew or moisture build up. We build for the health of the people and the planet. A wellness home is designed to be good for health and sustainable for the rest of your life.

Why is Feng Shui important?

Feng Shui is an ancient traditional Chinese method used to understand how energy moves in and around your surroundings and how our environment, buildings and their interiors affect our prosperity, abundance and well-being. By applying the principles of Feng Shui to your home, you create balance and achieve success and happiness in all areas of your life. All you require is an open mind, a belief in destiny and the will to have a better life.

Why focus on no-toxic products?

It is not widely known that chemicals in household products, or food are linked to cancer and many other preventable diseases.  Chris Woollams the creator of the UK website Canceractive and Professor Peter Dingle, who produced books on the dangers of chemicals in our homes and in food, are just some of the people that have inspired us. Add information provided by Nicole Bijlsma a Healthy Homes Expert and founder of the buildingbiology.com.au website as well as The Good Doctors, Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse and a Healthy Homes Company that produce non-toxic products, the evidence was very clear, someone had to create a better environment. Mix this with information from the Wellness Guys who proactively lead the way towards better health through their podcasts on The Wellness Couch, why wouldn’t you want the best possible environment for you and your family.

How can you build longevity into a home?

It may surprise you that leading a long life is not just about good food, keeping fit and staying away from dangerous substances. Longevity is greatly enhanced by having a purpose in life, being surrounded by people that care for you and having fun, stress less and a helping hand to reduce the burdens of modern life. Reducing toxins is not the only element we focus on, our goal is to positively contribute to each home owner’s well-being by providing opportunities to learn and contribute to the wellness revolution. We have a much bigger goal that just single homes. We aim to build wellness communities and wellness precincts that will benefit those that wish to make a difference in the world and live a life of purpose. The real insight of longevity came from completing an Exceptional Life Blueprint program with Marcus Pearce of The Wellness Couch fame combined with study of the Blue Zones around the world, where people live to be 100 or more without illness or disease. We even went to a Blue Zone, Ikaria a Greek island where people live healthier for longer and mostly die of natural causes and not cancer or other preventable disease. Over 70% of deaths in Australia are from preventable disease*. We focus on prevention instead of just looking for a cure and believe it’s time for a change. (*Information from Australian Bureau of Statistics and the World Health Organisation can confirm this).

Will it cost more to build a Wicked Home?

That depends. Our philosophy is based on giving people what they want.  If you are after a cheap home we would steer you to another builder as our focus is on quality and service.  When you focus on cost alone your decisions will not be in line with our mission.  Providing value and long term benefits can cost a little more however it does not mean you cannot afford a Wicked Home.  We provide many options to allow you to design and build a quality home with products that will give you long term benefits.  Leave your contact details because we’d love to give you many reasons to consider a Wicked Home.

Can you build a Wicked Home in any location?

Location, orientation, land selection and aspect is very important when planning your home. What surrounds you will have an impact on your health and well-being. If you would like to know more before planning your dream environment send us a request for information on our contact page.  We would love to help.

Ask us a question. What would you like to know?

Because our concept is not widely known, we’re expecting many questions. Not because it is beneficial to give our our ideas away but because it is people and health that we care about and it’s our job to be open and honest in every way. We would love to answer your questions and if we can’t we’ll be honest about that too. Just hit contact Wicked Homes for your first FREE consult call or any questions you might have. Contact Wicked Homes