How to be smarter than your smart phone

Smart phones make life simpler but are they safe?

We have embraced wireless communication with gusto because of the convenience and simplicity of use. Any form of data transfer like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspot sharing, electrical smart meters, and cordless phone transmission, such as cordless DECT telephones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) use radio frequency technology (RF).

RF is a man-made pulsed radio wave. It has evolved over time from the early discovery of radio transmissions in the late 1900’s  by Marconi (1897). All radio waves sit on the spectrum from extra low frequencies to high frequencies. All wireless devices including your smart phone have transmitters and receivers that send and receive radio frequencies (RF) also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Beware the humble microwave!

When they discovered microwaves heated food, and the oven was invented they called it a radioactive oven. The inventors didn’t think people would buy a radioactive oven so they changed the name to microwave oven. It didn’t change the fact a microwave is a light wave which is a radioactive wave. It doesn’t heat food through a thermal process it injects a radioactive wave into the molecules and vibrates them, creating heat or heating the food from the inside out. Overheat the food and it turns black very quickly, I found that out when my son cooked a cake in the microwave thinking it was a normal oven.  Microwave ovens only work when water or fluid is present otherwise you get sparking or if you put metal in a microwave. This is an energy we need to be aware of and extremely careful with. We (our bodies) are 70% water (99% in gel form) and microwaves from radio transmissions affect us from the inside out.

Surely they wouldn’t use RF if they knew it would hurt you? Prepare to be alarmed.

Wi-Fi is a microwave packed with data. Microwaves are low frequency waves as opposed to high frequency waves like X-Rays or Gama Rays. Experts have known for years microwaves damage the proteins in food but they still produce microwave ovens, probably because there’s money to be made. $$$. Wi-Fi is another form of light wave on the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Wi-Fi, wireless transmission from telephone towers, Bluetooth and Smart Meters emit a man-made frequency which is not something we as electrical beings have evolved with. The greatest concern I believe is with our children and growing brains, not to mention our eggs, sperm and the embryo which are more susceptible to electro-pollution than grown adults who have thicker skulls and bigger bodies. We can choose how much exposure we get, our children can’t. Most parents don’t know their children are more at risk and this unnatural energy is harmful to their health and their future potential to have children.

The telecommunications industry wants you to believe Wi-Fi is not a problem. Probably because you may stop using it…there’s those $$$ signs again.

Brain washing is a concern however it is brain damage that poses the biggest problem worldwide.

If you look Electro-pollution up on Google, this is what you will find:

Noun (name) for nonionizing electromagnetic radiation propagated through the atmosphere by broadcast towers, radar installations and microwave appliances, and the magnetic fields surrounding electrical appliances and power lines, which is believed to have polluting effects on people and the environment: also called electromagnetic smog.

We are electrical beings. Death is even defined as the end of electrical activity in the brain.

It makes sense to protect the most vital organs we have, our brain and heart because they are both affected by Wi-Fi.

The roll-out of Wi-Fi in cities, schools and public places such as trains and buses is getting a little scary. Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Services, Washington State University believes the roll-out of 5G worldwide is bordering on insanity. A paper written by Martin Pall on the roll-out of 5G presents compelling evidence of great harm by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) exposure. Click on the link to the article HERE 5G: Great risk for EU, U.S and International Health!

Martin Pall, PhD: Presentation to National Institute of Health YouTube/Watch

Here are some HEALTHY TIPS to remember or HABITS to get into when using smart phones, smart devices or Wi-Fi (Why Fry).

  1. Do not carry your smart phone near vital organs, e.g., top pocket near your heart or in your front pocket near reproductive organs.
  2. Never put your phone to your ear, use on loudspeak or with a earphones, not the wireless kind.
  3. Charge all devices away from where you sleep or spend the most time.
  4. Do not use mobile phones as alarm clocks, and definitely do not keep near or under your pillow. If you do use your phone as an alarm clock, keep it in another room like the ensuite or room next to you (not with a body in it), that way it isn’t going to be as dangerous and it may be a benefit when you have to get up to turn it off.
  5. It is a good idea to switch mobile phones to airplane mode when not required. For example in meetings, at events or at work if you do not use them for work.
  6. Always keep smart devices a safe distance from your body. Not on your body. Keeping them in a hand bag or brief case is ideal.
  7. Bluetooth is another form of wireless radiation, best not to use it in your car or with mini speakers or other devices if you can help it.
  8. Try to avoid using your mobile phone in a car, lifts, or other moving vehicles like trams, trains and airplanes. Any enclosure made of metal increases your exposure to RF. The radio frequency bounces off metal as your phone continually searches for a signal.
  9. If you have a DECT cordless home phone, change it to an original wired analogue phone. Definitely do not keep the base station near your bed. The EMF and RF is high from these devices.
  10. Keep calls short on a mobile or DECT phone (if you haven’t got rid of it). You will save money on your phone plan as well as save yourself from RF exposure.
  11. Download apps, games or movies on iPads, iPhones, then turn to airplane mode or turn off Wi-Fi and play games or watch movies from the device, not while streaming.
  12. Use wired internet to smart TVs and computers as opposed to streaming through Wi-Fi. There are also benefits to changing to fibre optic as there is no electric field around fibre optic cables.
  13. Do not assume any device is safe. Switch off Wi-Fi at night in your home and turn Wi-Fi off on your computer when you have cable plugged in. Your devices will continue to search for signals whenever turned on. There is a little button on the top row of most laptops or available in settings. Beware of new devices that only work on Wi-Fi.
  14. Baby monitors using a Wi-Fi signal are definitely a NO NO and some emit a high EMF which is dangerous to littlies.
  15. Distance will not save you from RF because it goes through buildings even concrete. The only thing it won’t go through is metal however RF bounces or reflects off metal which makes it difficult to detect where the RF is coming from without a directional RF analyser produced by Gigahertz Solutions in Germany.

There is a reason why they put a safety alert in the phone user manual, such as; when using your smart phone keep it at least one inch from your body. That message is found under settings but not easy to find. I would assume this is a legal requirement so it is less likely anyone could sue for medical costs when they (you) get sick/die from a brain tumour.

It turns out smart devices are not so smart. If you can remember these little tips you will definitely be smarter than the average consumer of technology. And you will probably be around for a lot longer than not so smart people. It turns out you need to be smarter than your smart phone.

Another form of electrical energy with potential to harm you is Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from electrical equipment.

All electrical equipment, including household appliances and electrical circuits emit electric and magnetic fields. This is an energy field produced by the power transmission from the energy grid to everything in the built environment, from buildings to devices and everything in between.

An energy field is detectable in close proximity to the electrical equipment when turned on or off when it’s connected to a power source, with an electric cable.

Distance is your friend when it comes to EMF because it is a different energy to RF.

EMF travels through walls but reduces greatly away from the source.

Tips to be smarter in your home:

  1. To reduce EMF exposure increase the distance from electrical equipment, especially where you sleep or spend the most time. Sleeping in a bedroom with the smart meter on the other side of the wall could be cause sleep problems and inhibit cell rejuvenation.  A good nights sleep is a precursor to good health and if you do not sleep well it may pay to have your home assessed.

  2. Electric floor heating is not good for anyone but especially for children as they have growing body’s and brains. Please read the Conclusion of Victor Leach Training further down the article to explain more.

  3. If you live in an apartment, try to find out what is on the other side of the wall, floor or ceiling. If you cannot do that, call a Building Biologist, they have equipment to test the strength and location of EMF and RF. Building Biologists also offer solutions.

The built environment can be dangerous to health if you don’t know how to make it safe.

How do you know if you are affected by EMF or RF?

You could be electrically sensitive and not know it.

Electrical sensitivity also known as Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a condition of the 20th Century. Prior to modern times we were not exposed to electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies.

People who suffer from EHS experience symptoms such as:

  • Skin; tingling, or biting sensation on the skin similar to a small electric shock, prickling that intensifies when close to electrical equipment

  • Sleep problems; insomnia, fatigue, restless sleep

  • Unexplained nausea, headaches, irritability, melancholy, depression, anger or neurological dysfunction

  • Heart and cardiovascular system: palpitations, high or blood pressure, increased heart rate and chest pain

  • Inflammation: joint pain, body aches, numbness, restless legs, back pain, head pain of varying degrees.

  • Respiratory inflammation: flu like symptoms, coughs, runny nose or sinus and respiratory system sensitivity

There are many more symptoms but I mentioned these because I have experience all of them. Luckily for me I have been able to detect the cause and reduce most of the health effects by changing my environment and changing the way I use technology. Not only am I sensitive to EMF and RF, I am chemically sensitive and EMF and RF increase my susceptibility to environmental toxins such as cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, paint, glue and dust containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Not only do I react to VOCs I react to chemicals in wheat products, which may well have been brought on by the use of Roundup and of course additives to give products shelf life. Wow! The things you learn along the way to becoming a Building Biologist.

What you need to know:

EMF is an energy field coming from wiring and electrical equipment.

Radio Frequencies are also energy in the form of a white light. When you sleep  it affects the pineal gland (in your brain). The pineal gland produces melatonin (when you sleep) required for cellular recovery in the body. This white light can affect your natural immune system function because it reduces your bodies ability to heal. We are natural beings and designed to heal naturally. We (humans) evolved in a natural world, and have existed quite successfully for 70,000 years. Only in the past 100 years have we introduced chemicals, electricity and man made radio frequencies into our lives, creating an unnatural environment.

Conclusions taken from a training event with Victor Leach a WiFi Expert and educator:

  • Microwave radiation can interact with the organism to create a range of effects that involve the central nervous system, endocrine (reproductive) system, cardiovascular system, immune system (our regeneration system), and hematopoietic (blood) systems. Hematopoiesis explained

  • The epidemiological case-studies with mobile and cordless phone exposure show strongest evidence for effect when it comes to brain cancer types Glioblastoma Multiforme and meningioma, particularly amongst heavy users (more than one hour per day) while no association is found amongst casual users.

  • There is enough evidence to take a precautionary approach with respect to these wireless devices and to use them in a safe manner.

Want to know what you can do to if you think you are affected?

There is very little a doctor can do about EMF as treatment is problematic (Tresidder MD 2012). Essentially avoidance of EMF is recommended. Knowing how to avoid or manage EMF is essential to live a healthy life. Information and education is the best medicine that’s why I’ve added links to more information and references to help you understand the problems we face.

EMF and RF is harmful to health, and is especially harmful to our little people, the foetus and embryo. Adverse health effects from Wi-Fi have been clearly established (BioInitiative Report 2012). Prolonged exposure to non-ionizing radiation interferes with normal body processes.

Our children will inherit the world we create, let’s make it worth inheriting.

The most precious thing of all is our health and the most at risk are our children. Building Biologists aim to create a more natural habitat to ensure you live, sleep and work in the most sustainable environment possible. This is the essence of sustainability.

Building Biologists are trained to assess, test, shield and ensure EMF is not a problem for you and your family.

It pays to know what can harm you and it pays to get expert help. Ensuring your environment is healthy ensures you live or work in the most sustainable environment possible.   A WICKED home safeguards your health and your children’s future potential.

If you wish to prepare yourself for a long healthy life you can learn more from me and how to create a truly sustainable (healthy) home or work environment. Take a sneak peak at the WICKED Workshops available here.

Now you’re a bit smarter you can start planning how well you wish to live for the rest of your life.

Share with your friends and take care of your health, it’s the most precious thing you have.

Cheryl Mead | Building Biologist | FOUNDER Wicked Homes Australia

If you have health problems that are not going away, fertility problems, your child or children are not coping at school, get in touch with a Building Biologist

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