Life success or life lost

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We are the ones in control only we don’t know it

Never before have we had a world more connected or access to information that puts you in control.

When I started searching ‘how to be successful’ I had no idea what I would find.

It’s amazing, what lands in your lap when you start looking.

Google has been my friend and is changing the way I connect, work, communicate and learn.

Big business and governments try to control but do not change the world. People change the world.

Wellness seems to be the theme in many new start-ups. From food and nutrition, exercise and fitness, life coaching and healthy or non-toxic products.

People are sick of being controlled and sick of being sick.

The wellness ripple is turning into a tsunami around the world making a difference through word of mouth by those willing to take a stance against the existing paradigm.

It will take individuals working together, people power, you and me to create change.

It’s not going to jump out and grab you unless you are looking for it.

Most people have no idea what wellness is, so I’ll share an extract taken from the World Health Organisation website.

WHO Definition of Wellness: Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.

If you’re prepared to have your eyes opened, it’s like putting reading glasses on, everything becomes clearer, you will see how the current system works however be prepared to be amazed, because what we are fed through the media is often garbage.

But I guess if you like garbage then I’m not going to change your mind.

To leave the next generation a world worth inheriting, will take courage and wisdom from abundant minds, not greed and power by multi-nationals.

Wellness is an option but it must be nurtured and developed.

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Bi for now, until we meet again, Live Intentionally WELL, because it is what Mother Nature designed in her blueprint.


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