We appointed Murphy when he was nine months old.

The world should have appointed Murphy’s ancestors 100 years ago before the world initiated mass toxification of the planet. That means we have some errors to eradicate and a need to redirect evolution in our favour.

Murphy’s No. 1 Policy

All our policies and decisions are governed by what is good for Murphy.

Murphy’s Quality Policy

If it’s not good for Murphy and his mates, we don’t use it. End of Policy.

Murphy’s Health Policy

We do not give death any assistance. End of Policy.

Murphy’s Money Policy

We do not give money to others that will disrupt the Health Policy. End of Policy.

Murphy’s Asset Protection Policy

Our greatest assets are:

  • Our children
  • Our health
  • Our collective brainpower
  • Our planet

Our Asset Protection Policy requires us to look after our assets no matter what the cost to ensure all our assets are biologically, environmentally, financially, ethically and morally secure. End of policy.

Murphy’s Safety Policy

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Safety is not a Workplace Health and Safety Plan, it’s not an Act or a Regulation, it’s an attitude and a culture based on prevention being the best medicine. You cannot focus on safety without a focus on Risk Management. Safety and Risk go hand in hand. End of policy.

Murphy’s Risk Management Policy

We can’t risk authorities ruling our future; we can’t risk a ‘profits at any cost’ dictatorship; we can’t risk waiting for governments to change the laws to protect Murphy and his mates. That’s why we have appointed Mother Nature as our Risk Management Advisor and the science of Natural Selection as our benchmark.  It’s the only way the world will be safe. End of Policy

Murphy’s Future Policy

The future is ours to create. We can only do that if we knowingly and willingly influence Natural Selection. This is the Start of Something GREAT with an end in mind.

Murphy’s Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is a life-long game and an evolutionary mind-set.  Sustainability matters because being unsustainable is not very satisfying at the least, and deadly at worst. Something that is unsustainable cannot continue at the same rate without diabolical consequences. We’ve identified three critical focus areas for human sustainability.

  • Sustainable health of our biological systems and our children’s reproduction potential. If we fail to look after our children, and our planet we are failing to look after the future of humanity.
  • Sustainable development to reduce our environmental footprint; unsustainable development occurs when progress is at the expense of future generations. For example, damage to ecosystems due to pollution and irresponsible planning and environmental degradation.
  • Sustainable economic systems to ensure we don’t leave our children a debt they cannot pay off; the opposite is ‘the desire to win at any cost’ and that cost could be the loss of our children’s future and their future potential.

In a nutshell, if we do not look after what we have we will lose it. This is why developing strategies and systems to enhance health, support sustainable development and re-imagine economic viability is a win win for humanity and planet Earth. This is not the End of Murphy’s policies, this is the beginning of the future we wish to create.