Philosophy of a Wicked Thinker

Wicked Thinking is Forward Thinking

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they are, or accept the responsibility for changing them" ~ Denis Waitley

Hi, I'm Cheryl a Building Biologist, Environmental Health Consultant and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) specialist, on a mission to write some wrongs, to ensure our future is guided by good science, truth and natural intelligence. 


Some people never change until change is forced upon them while others are change makers, often called game-changers because they change the rules of the game by coming up with different ideas and ways of doing things.

Noting will change for the better if we don't understand the past and make corrections.

We didn't get here by chance we got here by manipulation, corruption and dirty deeds. Our evolution wasn't random as some may think. To forge a new future we must not let the dirty deeds of the past manipulate our minds or quell our desire to create a better world. The future is up to us now and only with knowledge, and desire will we be able to create an environment sustainable for life.

Why is Wellness Inspired Constructive Knowledge a game-changer?

If we combine Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge that's been withheld from us and Environmental Design we will change the health of people, and the planet. We will also change our economic future because it will change the biological effect the built environment has on our brain, our body and our future potential and the results will be enormously positive.

Why is it important to become a game-changer?

Game changers don't follow the rules, they create new ones and better ones that change the course of history. We need more game-changers willing to take action to protect our children and our future from people who value profits at any cost because at the moment we are fair game for corporations with no morals or ethics and no desire to enhance human potential.

Why is it important to change the rules around construction?

Construction is a major contributor to our economic wealth and it could be a major influence and contributor to environmental health to sustain human life as Nature (God) intended. We need to re-think sustainability and livability and initiate ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Providing alternatives to reduce illness is our aim without causing economic harm.

Delivering a lower environmental footprint as soon as we can is critical for worldwide sustainability. Reducing causes of neurological disorders, cancer and chronic disease is equally important for us and our children and it's a sweeter solution for survival of humankind than what the New World Order (Elitists) had in mind.

Why is mastering environmental health the next chapter in our environmental journey?

Evil empires have been in charge of our world for a long time and in that time they have caused significant damage. From plastics in our oceans to toxic chemicals in our food and water,  pollutants in our air and an ever increasing amount of unnatural electromagnetic energy in our environment causing an enormous amount of health effects. Professor Martin Pall from Washington State University has collated scientific evidence and provides his views on the dangers of wireless technology and explains why introducing more EMF into our environment is insane. Download 5G Great Risk by Martin Pall 2018

I know a thing or two about the harm Prof. Pall refers to because I'm electrically hypersensitive and chemically sensitive.  This means my body detects EMF and chemicals virtually instantly.  In other words, I get sick from environmental exposures most people, including many doctors, are unaware of.

If I'm being affected so are you; the trouble is most people don't know there is a problem until they get a diagnosis they don't want. And they are never told what the solution is because there is no money to be made from harnessing Natures gifts or learning how intelligent you really are.

Chemical and electrical sensitivity is not rare but it's rarely known how chemicals and electromagnetic fields contribute to disease or how they affect the body causing inflammation, because most doctors do not study environmental toxins or understand the fundamentals of electrobiology.  Man-made EMF has an effect on all living creatures and it is not something we have evolved with which means our biological cells and those of all living creatures will be harmed. Natural mechanisms to deal with this energy exist but 24/7 exposure reduces Natures effectiveness. All life on Earth evolved over zillions of years, not one or two hundred years. And our natural intelligence did not prepare us for corporate greed, profits at any cost and marketing that tricks us into believing that which is not true.

Why is Building Biology and the study of Electrobiology so freaking awesome?

Electrobiology is the study of electromagnetic energy and human biology including how electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and AC electric and magnetic fields (EMF) cause biological disturbance also known as health effect or symptoms. Building Biologists know what levels of EMR and EMF are safe and what the solutions are to limit exposure.

EMR is wireless transmission known as Wi-Fi or radio frequencies (RF waves) transmitted through the air with electrical force; scientifically classified as electrical pollution. EMF and EMR are man-made energy, often classified as electromagnetic fields and frequencies or just EMF.

I'm a living, breathing EMF detective (canary in the built environment, not the coal mine) and I understand what the health effects are, and I know what to do to reduce exposure. My body is constantly telling me when I'm in a dangerous environment. That's how natural intelligence works. We are not meant to ignore it.

Most people are unaware of the risks to health from wireless transmission and man-made electric and magnetic fields, that's why I use electrical testing equipment and radio frequency analyses to detect the strength and direction of radioactive waves and assess the risk. Only when you know what you're exposed to, where the frequency is coming from, and what you can do to reduce or limit exposure, will you be able to create an environment that is safe.

You cannot take a drug to get over the effects of EMF or chemicals but you can use healthy products, make changes to your environment, and your lifestyle and learn what products not to buy. Often removing the cause of inflammation enables the body to recuperate and heal naturally.

Everyone is born naturally intelligent but we are not educated to listen to what our body is telling us.

Chemicals, EMF, and mould in water-damaged buildings, are biological toxins which produce an immune response in the body which is an inflammatory reaction called a symptom. Often these symptoms are treated with medications but the cause of the problem is never identified therefore the problem and the symptoms persist.

Everyone is electrically sensitive because we are electrical beings; meaning when no electrical pulses are detected in the brain or heart we are pronounced dead.  The problem is we are not taught how man-made electromagnetic fields and chemicals in our homes and workplaces trigger cell mutation, damage DNA or contribute to illness and disease. Education from the top down doesn't prepare you to be in charge, it prepares you to be under control.

Cancer, Alzheimer's, neurological dysfunction, ADD, ADHD, autism and many autoimmune disorders are linked to exposure to chemicals, EMF, and bio-toxins. Mould in water-damaged buildings produce fungi spores causing chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). Ticks and parasites are biological toxins also known to cause illness, inflammatory disease and CIRS.

Treating symptoms is a great money making venture and so is selling more products and more smart devices. Only you can stop them stealing your future, but joining forces can stop them stealing our collective potential and our children's brain power.

People with chemical and electrical sensitivity are like canaries in the coal mine; they can detect a problem and warn people the environment is toxic before they fall off the perch.

Only when I studied Building Biology did I understand how environmental toxins and chemicals, mostly in combination and with accumulation, cause inflammation, cell mutation and cell death leading to disease and how important it is to listen to what your body and your environment is telling you. Your body is more switched on and smarter than you are led to believe and that's why the wealthiest people in the world aim to keep you in the dark.

We are born naturally intelligent but educated from an early age to ask for a prescription without understanding causation. Most people take medication to treat a symptom without finding out why their body is putting up a red flag.

Inflammation is a sign your body is fighting for your life, and it's a signal something is wrong and an opportunity to take action, not necessarily a medication.

Humans evolved to detect and deal with bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi (mould) and detect danger which is our fight or flight response also called stress response. It’s easy to detect danger if you touch a hot plate, it is not so easy to detect things you cannot see, feel or smell.

Natural processes work instinctively; it’s the way we’ve evolved to stay alive.  You are programmed to detect nasty stuff; that's why you throw up after drinking too much or get a headache when you're dehydrated and in most cases your body will get better if given the right environment, nutrition, treatment and conditions to heal.

Our natural intelligence developed over millions of years along with every other species and plant on Earth. We evolved without pollution, chemicals, GMO's and man-made electromagnetic fields causing havoc. Only in the last 100 years have we had to deal with environmental pollution and mass distribution of fake solutions mostly because money and accumulating it has become the highest priority, not human health or long term sustainability objectives.

Danger Alert!

I'm especially concerned about the effects electromagnetic fields and frequencies have on our children and our aging population. The smaller the body and the brain the more risk and the more inflammation you have or the more exposure the more affected you are.

If we fail to act now, we may be risking the health of future generations because eggs and sperm are sitting in our children in preparation for development.

We've selected some video's to gain a perspective of health effects from man-made electromagnetic radiation. Professor Olle Johansson, Professor Martin Pall, Dr Magda Havas and Dr Devra Davis are all experts on a mission to enlighten the world about the dangers of EMF.  Watch the selected videos Here. We need to take responsibility for our future and the future of our children now, before it's too late and more damage is done. The BabySafe Project is a great objective. See why here.

Prevention of cancer, autism, allergies, Alzheimer's and autoimmune diseases requires a totally different mindset and one that is not built around pap smears, mammograms, blood tests and prescriptions. They all feed the systems that profit from your lack of knowledge.

Every disaster is an opportunity to improve!

When things go horribly wrong things often get improved. It's why they made big changes after the unsinkable Titanic sunk.  2,227 passengers died and only 715 people survived. Crews are now trained in emergency procedures; ship to shore communication has improved; and ships now carry a sufficient number of life rafts because it's better to be safe than sorry. It's also very beneficial to venture out on a safe ship that is destined not to fail you. You will learn the truth about the Titanic, why is was a planned disaster and who benefited from sinking it if you hang out with us and we guarantee you won't find the truth on Wikipedia.

We can't wait for our (collective) ship to sink before we make improvements; we must start doing today what will pay of tomorrow and in years to come. This is the Philosophy of a Wicked Thinker and it's backed up by the science of Building Biology, the truth of our evolution and natural selection.

Why is Building Biology a science we need to listen to?

Building Biology is a relatively new science and profession established after sick building syndrome was identified as a major cause of illness in Germany in 1970. When people became sick they discovered it was due to electromagnetic fields (EMF), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), air allergens and bio-toxins (mould) in rapidly built buildings.  Using toxic products or poor building methods results in poor air quality or water-damage causing mould which slowly destroys the material it grows on and causes serious health effects in susceptible people which is about 24% of the population.

Imagine the conundrum if our generation fail to understand the risk of exposure to environmental toxins and fail to establish safety protocols and procedures in homes and workplaces. We could lose two thirds of our future workforce if prevention from microwave radiation, Wi-Fi and electromagnetic fields is not taken seriously. If we don't have a workforce we won't be sustainable. End of Western civilization is in sight ... according to experts like Prof. Martin Pall.

Building Biology is a profession like no other!

Building Biologists are environmental health practitioners. Our focus is on prevention and elimination of toxins known to cause harm.  Building biology was founded on human health standards, not industry standards suiting industry. We follow a methodology covering 25 Guiding Principles to create naturally healthy buildings to sustain human, environmental and ecological health.

Healthy environments help the body's immune system do what it's designed to do, heal naturally and remain healthier without intervention.

If drugs were designed to make us healthy (recover) we wouldn't need more of them. It's our body's natural intelligence that heals. A doctor doesn't heal your broken leg, they set it in the right place and your body's natural intelligence knows what to do. We need emergency care but we also need self care.

Humans are designed brilliantly by Mother Nature, and just like good doctors Building Biologist help Nature do its magic.

"It’s time to readjust our thinking and construct a healthy built environment not just because it’s the ultimate anti-aging strategy, but because it could be the catalyst to limit harm to our children and help sustain us for a long long time." Cheryl Mead

Seeds contain life, so do ideas, and they need nurturing to flourish.

Ideas are like seeds planted in fertile ground, when nourished and given tender loving care they grow and flourish providing much more than a little seed would if it was kept in the dark, never to see the light of day.

Wicked thinking tip #2: You reap what you sow, and you get what you focus on.

Spread these ideas in fertile minds to nurture wicked thinking to create a better future because having friends around you with like-minded goals is one of the secrets to a long, happy, healthy life.

Click HERE to find out why a healthy environment is the ultimate anti-aging strategy.

Our WICKED Mission: To influence and guide the process of Natural Selection and evolutionary thinking to nurture our future for our children's sake.

That's why Murphy is head of policy making. Read about Murphy in About Us and the Wicked Crew.

DISCLAIMER: This website is for information purposes only. By providing information we aim to enlighten the reader but under no circumstances are we diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating or guaranteeing prevention of any type of disease or medical condition.

It is advisable to seek professional medical advice from appropriately qualified practitioners. However if your doctor says EMF, mould, stress or chemicals including Roubdup won't hurt you find another doctor who knows a thing or two about causation. Please contact us for more information if well-being is important to you or your doctor needs a helping hand or an education about environmental exposures and toxins causing health effects, especially electrical hypersensitivity (EHS), chemical sensitivity or CIRS often classified as chronic fatigue syndrome. If your doctor doesn't want to know more about Building Biology, it's time to find a doctor or a health practitioner who does.

Watch the video presentation by Martin Pall to the National Institute of Health here