New Homes or Old Homes Made Good

Wicked Homes provide advice, inspiration, and building know-how to create a home like no other:

*Wellness homes are our specialty…we love being healthy and don’t build or recommend anything harmful.

If you take wellness seriously, you’ll love a WICKED home.

Wellness Inspired Construction (is based on Building Biology as the foundation),

Knowledge (to make life better) &

Environmental Design (to live well for longer).

Building Biology is a wonderful science linking your health to your built environment. Wicked is another way of saying “that’s a wonderful idea.”

The place you live and sleep should be designed to aid rejuvenation and reproduction.

If you wish for a wonderful life you will need to be a bit adventurous because adventure seekers are not ordinary, they want more out of life.

More life, more fun, more freedom is possible if you know how to create a Wicked Home.

We thought life should be easier so we designed a system called WELF – it’s Wicked Easy Lucrative and Fun.

It’s the way to gain an advantage in life. It’s a system to become a Wicked builder…more info soon but here’s a taste of the future.

Renovate | Refurbish | Reuse and Recycle…anything is POSSIBLE

A Wicked environment is designed to be Fit-For-Purpose – it must suit you and your family

It includes a budget that leaves no nasty surprises – nothing is left to chance and satisfaction is guaranteed.

To breathe easier recommend and use low VOC or non-toxic products.

Special EMF and Wi-Fi reduction with cabling to reduce radiation.

Electrobiology (EMF) audit pre-start, and  Geobiology assessment because negative energy can be harmful.

Help with land selection is offered to gain the best long term advantages for health and wealth sustainability.

We have expertise in all areas of construction but only build and recommend wellness homes. Nothing else even comes close to a Wicked Home. That’s why we’re WICKED 🙂


At Wicked Homes we provide


  • Advice on design, building materials and products that will help you thrive from a cellular level.


  • Knowledge to create a smarter home and you become a smarter person, how cool is that!


  • A plan that looks after the health of your children and your children’s children.


  • A formula to ensure you have a truly sustainable environment and a pleasant building experience with no nasties or nasty surprises.


  • Building and Building Biology consultant services – if you need more advice for new homes, renovations or refurbishment.


  • Building Biology Services include: EMF detection and remediation; Geobiology assessment and detection of negativeEarth energy and remedies to remove or improve living spaces; Water assessments and filtration recommendations, Healthy Home Audits for detection and removal of harmful stuff, especially important for new mums and our littlest people, also designed  to help those with health problems that never seem to go away.


  • Live Well By Design workshops and ‘how to gain an advantage’ events/tutorials based on scientific research.


  • Evidence based information to prevent toxic overload.


  • An option to create wealth through partnerships.



Events and workshops that will change your thinking to change your life

Consultation to help you build a home that looks after your health and your wealth

Partner with people that care

  • Life wasn’t meant to be difficult. We provide an alternative to struggling on your own whether in life or in business. Training is provided through workshops and online tutorials. (To be advised via our eNews and partner program)
  • We have a range of experts that assist with planning your future home, from design consultants, experts in building and construction to building biologists, Feng Shui consultants, non-toxic products and home finance experts.

  • Did you know you can build a business that will outlast and outperform any other business.  We are looking for partners that would love to invent the future. We aim to create a new paradigm in the building industry and look to train and partner people interested in health, wealth and longevity. If this sounds interesting be sure to contact us, you may be surprised what’s on offer.