Learn more from Workshop and books, clean without toxic chemicals, filter your water and your air, protect your body with certified organic personal care products and bring nature indoors with a terrarium.

If you have sensitivities or you're recovering from illness we suggest you consult with us before selecting products.

Survival of the Smartest Workshop

Learn solutions to be sustainable for life from how to identify as safe place to live, how to plan, create or build a safe and sustainable home to learning about the seven threats to a good life including why we are not winning the war on cancer. 

Healthy Building Workshop

Learn how to create a WICKED healthy home using science and sustainable products to reduce nasty stuff and harmful electromagnetic fields.

Designing Safe Sustainable Workplaces

Learn how to keep your people safe, productive and future proof your business.

WICKED Kids Workshop

Learn how to create WICKED environments to raise healthy, smarter kids and increase their future potential.

Live Well By Design Workshop

Discover what the longest lived people in the world do that we don't and learn tactics to get the most life out of life.


Learn how to create a business that's WICKED, Easy, Lovable and Fun. Only for people who are willing to do what it takes to have a seriously great life. 

Survival of the Smartest e-Book

Books to boost brain power

All our books provide ways to increase your knowledge, your health and improve your environment. With small changes to your thinking to develop skills, habits and lifestyle choices you can improve your quality of life and lifetime.

Healthy Home Cleaning

Abode products help to reduce your toxic load. Safe for babies, children and anyone with chemical sensitivity. They are biodegradable which means they are safe for the environment, are Australian made and work brilliantly.

Natural/Organic Personal Care

Organics Skin Care; high quality, yet affordable. Made with certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils. Suitable for sensitive skin and we love them. Best of all they are made in Australia by people who care about people.

Living Lustre Terrariums

Bring nature indoors in the easiest way possible with a terrarium made by Living Lustre. Delivered to your door in the greater Melbourne area.

Natural Selection Bundles to Save Money and Survive for a Lifetime

To live well for a long time we'll guide you through the process of Natural Selection and give you discounts on products to make you and your environment naturally intelligent.  Give us a call to find out more.