Products we love and trust

 If you have sensitivities or are recovering from illness we suggest you consult with us before selecting products.

Healthy Home Cleaning

Highly recommended. Safe for babies, and people with chemical sensitivity. No nasty chemicals. Biodegradable and safe for the environment. They are Australian made and work brilliantly.

Heavenly Personal Care

Natural skin care, organic shampoo and conditioners, hair products + more to come.

Safe Pest Protection/Prevention

Good Riddance mozzie protection, sticky traps and fly swats ... coming soon (no chemicals pesticides only natural solutions)

Air Purifiers | Air Dehumidifiers

Air filtration and air humidifiers – you don’t want chemicals, mould and toxic stuff like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your environment. If you’re breathing them in your body has to filter them out or deal with the problem they create.

Water Filtration

Filter your water to improve the health of your gut, because the health of your gut microbiome determines the health of you. Another TIP: less plastic is best practice. Put filtered water in glass or stainless steel bottles, not plastic.

Healthy Home Furnishings

Products coming soon include natural fibres like Alpaca, wool, cotton and timber  finished in natural oils and healthy finishes. 

WICKED Bathroom & Kitchens

Products to improve the most used rooms in your home - from painted glass showers and splashbacks to timber joinery and timber products - products and information coming soon


From Healthy Home Healthy Family to EMF Health Alert and Health and Nutrition all our books provide ways to improve your environment and quality of life. (Coming soon)

Healthy Home Packs

Healthy Home Packs allow you to purchase a variety of products at discount prices. Packs are designed to meet specific requirements and come with a FREE consultation. Give us a call to find out more.