Survival of the Smartest Workshop

The Survival of The Smartest Workshop is designed to overcome fitting in.

Survival of the Smartest is a mind changing process designed to turn you into a smarter person to make smarter decisions. When Charles Darwin wrote the Origin of Species by Natural Selection the planet wasn't loaded with toxic products or extremely unnatural levels of electromagnetic pollution and miss-information masquerading as news and marketing to sell you products loaded with toxic agents working against your natural immune system.  Learning how to harness your natural intelligence and knowing what heals you or harms you in this day and age will benefit you and your children and possibly your grandchildren in years to come. Without superior knowledge you cannot be a superior being.

Workshop Topics:

In this workshop you will learn ...

  • Why Charles Darwin's theory needs an update due to evolutionary problems risking survival.
  • How to dodge the things that will suck the life out of you that did not exist 200 years ago.
  • How natural forces are working for you and with you every day, but you have been told to ignore them.
  • How to make wise decisions to reduce inflammatory toxins and exposure to dangerously high levels of chemicals and electromagnetic fields/frequencies (EMF).
  • How to prepare for the future and what type of future you may wish to create.
  • Why a normal education does not set you up for long term sustainability.
  • Why government policy has been hijacked.
  • Why mastering your environment, your body and your mind is the key to mastering your destiny.

Survival of the Smartest is like packing your own parachute, and it's you that has the most to gain if you get it right.

The Survival of the Smartest Workshop is a starter, like an entree before you go on to taste what's on offer from our Workshop Menu.

If you have a big appetite, for knowledge to give you brain power and staying power, check out what else is on the MENU.

WICKED Solutions for Sustainability MENU

Healthy Building Workshop:

This  workshop uncovers nasty stuff and explains the science of healthy buildings. What you will come away with is:

  • How to identify a safe location, and why location, location, location in not the same as it used to be.
  • A checklist to select real estate for rent, for purchase, for development or to retire to later in life.
  • Information to create a WICKED healthy home using the science of building biology and Natural Selection.
  • How to select products to reduce chemical exposure to influence Natural Selection in your favour.
  • How to identify ways to reduce your environmental footprint.
  • What it takes to reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation in a built environment.
  • What you'll gain from designing an energy efficient, sustainable, healthy building with wicked potential.

To understand why a safe EMF environment is a must for sustainability watch this presentation by former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg: 5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE. Watch on YouTube HERE

Designing Healthy Sustainable Workplaces:

Business is the backbone of society and being sustainable in business is critical for our survival. This workshop is suitable for leaders in a business or business owners wishing to gain an edge over others in a similar field.

  • Learn how to keep your people safe, productive and future proof your business.
  • This workshop is a must if you want to stay healthy, wealthy and happy and at the same time keep your employees safe and in tip top condition.
  • Employees and business owners are often the biggest asset in the business, which means you should not take risks with health or workplace well-being.

Becoming a smarter business person is a choice and learning what the greatest risks are to your bottom line is key to survival. You will learn what the latest risk management strategies are that most business owners fail to understand.

The saying "it's better to be safe than sorry" has never before been more appropriate than it is today.

WICKED Kids Workshop:

We do not want our children to inherit a world we would not want to live in. This workshop provides tactics to help your children thrive in a world of chaos and control by default. Don't let your kids be guinea pigs or collateral damage. Rise above herd mentality and gain leverage with some wicked tips and tactics to ensure your kids are the leaders of the future.

  • Learn how to create WICKED environments to raise healthy, smarter kids and increase their future potential.
  • Learn why we cannot allow big business to dominate their minds and their choices in life.
  • When you know how to make wise choices you can teach your kids good habits and self-mastery skills. This is a life-saving strategy like never before.

WARNING: The Wicked Kids Workshop may be a bit challenging for some who believe fitting in is perfectly fine. For others it will fit perfectly with what they already believe to be true but couldn't see a way out of the current paradigm (pattern of manipulated thinking).

Live Well By Design Workshop:

You won't learn the secrets to longevity and prosperity in school. If they taught you wellness and wealth creation they would have no one sitting in waiting rooms and no one to fill mundane jobs. A normal education keeps you under control; a wicked education gives you wings to fly, like a butterfly after it's gone through a metamorphosis. If you don't change your thinking, you will keep doing what you've always done and keep getting what you've always got. If you're happy with that, this workshop is not for you.

  • Discover what the longest lived people in the world do that we don't and learn tactics to get the most life out of life.
  • This workshop is life insurance of a different kind because it pays you in time and enjoyment in life. You get the payout before the end of your days.
  • You will create a recipe for life, including ingredients and steps you need to take to enjoy all life has to offer.

NOTE: The Live Well By Design Workshop is life changing.

WELF: The Package to become a Game-Changer

This series of workshops is a guidance program to help you create a wicked business to deliver better health and more wealth.

WELF is designed to make earning a living wicked, easy, lovable and fun.

  • This workshop is only for people who are passionate about health and well-being and are willing to take responsibility for their lot in life.
  • You will learn what a great business model is, what it takes to succeed and how to take charge of your financial future.
  • You will learn how to think differently and how to become a game changer.
    If you have a desire to get better at getting better or like the idea of helping others change their thinking this workshop is a perfect fit for you.
  • How much freedom you wish to create is totally up to you. We simply help you master the steps and the decisions you need to make to create a business based on doing today what will pay off tomorrow.