Survival of the Smartest WORKSHOP: Discover how cancer, dementia and autism are linked to how we live and why being smarter is the best medicine.

 Learn why we are not winning the war on cancer and why more children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum than ever before. Discover how sick buildings make you sick and how to create a healthy home to improve long-term good health. Surviving is no longer related to how fit you are but to how smart you are willing to become. 

 One Day Workshop Date: Saturday 26th October 2019, Melbourne.



This workshop covers four topics:

1. How to improve your brain power to improve lifetime health.

2. How to stay safe with the rollout of 5G, the 5th Generation wireless technology. Why Fry!

3. How to create a WICKED healthy home from scratch.

4. How to use the art of WICKED thinking and create a great business.

You can choose from a One Day Workshop

Two Half Day Workshops: Dates to be confirmed

Four Week Night Workshops: Dates to be confirmed

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This is what you will come away with

You'll discover secrets to good health most people don't know exist, and what the greatest risks are to your children's future.

You'll learn how Wellness Inspired Construction and Building Biology can help you stay well.

You'll learn why Knowledge is the key to survival and why Environmental Design needs to include sustainability of people, place and planet, to be effective.

You'll learn why 5G technology will not improve life on Earth and could have long term effects on health, and negatively impact future generations. If adopted world wide it could potentially ruin our natural environment.

Scientists and Doctors around the world know environmental toxins, including chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) are contributing to the rise of chronic disease, dementia and the increased number of children on the autism spectrum.

Learn why you will never reduce your chances of getting cancer until you reduce the causes.

Irritation and inflammation in the body is what starts the cancer process and prevention is the best prescription.

Prolonged inflammation caused by environmental toxins leads to detrimental neurological effects and lower IQ.

What effects the body can effect the brain and it's why more and more children are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and autism.

Knowing what's harmful and how to get rid of it will help you and  and your children live a long and healthy life.

You'll learn how to identify, create or build a WICKED healthy home, how to reduce environmental toxins, how to keep your family safe,  how to change your thinking to change your life and what it takes to create a WICKED business.

If you want to be smarter to be in control of your life this workshop will help you do just that.

Cheryl Mead April 2015-42

Presented by Building Biologist, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and Environmental Health Consultant; Cheryl Mead and special guests.

CHERYL MEAD (aka Chery Lanne)

Cheryl is a qualified Building Biologist, Environmental Health Consultant and EMF/EMR Specialist with a passion for sustainable design, health and wellness and ethical business. After many years working in the building industry she ventured into the world of environmental science to learn the art of prevention and now shares her knowledge to help others gain an advantage in life. 

This is what you will learn

You will learn why University Professors, Doctors, Electrical Engineers and health professionals worldwide are calling the rollout of 5G technology insane.

You’ll learn how to identify sick buildings and buildings with design faults that pose a potential risk from water damage or exposure to EMF.

You’ll learn basic strategies to create a sustainable passive solar designed home and how to select building products to minimise exposure to harmful chemicals.

This workshop covers what WICKED stands for:
  • Building Biology (wellness inspired construction) WIC
  • How to be smarter and safer in the long run (knowledge is the key) K
  • How to create an environment sustainable for life (environmental design) ED
 … WICKED strategies lead to better health and a better future.

You’ll learn why creating a WICKED Home is the ultimate anti-aging strategy and how to master your thinking to ensure you get the most life out of life.

You’ll learn why Natural Selection and WICKED thinking provide the answers to sustainability and why Wicked Thinking can lead to a wicked life.

You’ll learn ‘counterintuitive’ ways to create and maintain long-term good health.

You can use this wisdom to design a home, design a great life or create a business with great potential to survive.

Do you want to know why real estate values will change in the future?

Once upon a time location, location, location was the key to buying a sound investment property, meaning the post code, suburb or street was the most important aspect. Now it’s position, position, position because proximity to telephone transmission towers, especially 3G, 4G and 5G sites and high voltage power lines could see the price of properties plummet in years to come.

If you want to invest in healthy buildings this workshop is ideal to understand risky real estate.

And you’ll receive some take aways (the healthy kind) to take home.

By the end of the day you will have the ability to identify safe locations to live if you intend to build, rent or buy real estate in the future.


Insights from the research conducted to write the book, Wicked Thinking. Lessons from abundant minds to bridge the river of doubt from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Wicked Thinking can help you design a roadmap a bit like a GPS (guidance performance system) because it provides critical thinking enabling you to create a great life or a great business. You will learn about cultures in business and why a great business model requires the same thinking you need to create a great life. Written by Chery Lanne for the sole purpose of helping people change their thinking to change what they get in life.

Wicked Thinking Book Cover Front

We can help you like we did Jarryd!


I first met Cheryl at a 5G educational meeting in the Dandenong’s. Being a healthcare practitioner myself, I have always been aware of the health implications of EMFs and RFs, it wasn’t until I heard Cheryl speak at this event that I finally understood just how extensive the topic of EMFs is. Cheryl is an expert in the field, having undertaken considerable research and study on the engineering and biology of EMFs. Like myself, Cheryl is sensitive to chemicals and EMF’s, meaning that she experiences symptoms associated with high level EMF exposure.

I always thought that I was doing enough to limit my exposure to EMFs, however with the recent increase in cell phone towers due to the 5G rollout, my sensitivities quickly became debilitating. When I wanted to get an expert in the do an audit of my living environment, Cheryl was the first person that came to my mind. Cheryl was very organised and responsive to my queries about having the house audit, responding to my emails very promptly and giving me a quote within less than 24 hours. I soon after had Cheryl come do a reading on the house.

My housemates and myself were all very impressed with Cheryls professionalism and scientific knowledge of EMFs. She was able to identify the source of why I was experiencing so many symptoms, and gave us solutions to help reduce our EMF exposure in the house. Since making changes to the house as recommended by Cheryl, my headaches have disappeared and I can now come home and know that I am in a safe living environment.

In addition to making changes to the house, Cheryl also educated me and my housemates on the dangers of 5G and other sources of EMFs in our every day lives. I now understand that every living organism, and every living person is affected by EMFs, not only those who are sensitive. I believe that is very important to understand the potential risks and dangers of EMFs, and to learn about them from an expert who has studied in the field. I highly recommend attending Cheryl’s workshops or having her come to your home or workplace to do an audit, in order to create a safe and healthy living environment.

Thank you for all your help Cheryl!!!
Kind regards,

Topics covered in this one-day workshop include
Survival of the Smartest

Learn why ‘Survival of the Smartest’ is overtaking ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Charles Darwin’s theory on the Origin of Species by Natural Selection identified how natural forces select the fittest to survive and reproduce. That was the theory until Natural wisdom was ignored and replaced with profits at any cost. We expose seven threats you need to know about, firstly so you can dodge them and second so you can master your thinking to gain purchasing power. The key to survival is knowing what to choose and what not to. Spending wisely is better than spending blindly. This is how Self-Made Health and self-made wealth evolves. This is smart thinking.

Wireless Technology Facts and Tactics

Learn how to develop a Pattern of Thinking for Sustainability & Survival. You will discover why the rollout of 5G has the potential to kill your ability to have a great life. Learn tactics to influence your evolutionary journey in a natural and sustainable way. Without knowing these tactics, you risk being collateral damage. Most people in aged care facilities are the result of collateral damage. Scientific facts we present indicate we are on a journey of human destruction and big business doesn’t care.

Buildings Designed for Lifetime Health

Learn what it takes to create a healthy building and why living in an unhealthy building could cost you years of misery, bucket loads of money and possibly, worst of all, harm your children and reduce your future earning potential.  Sick buildings have the potential to cause biological damage while healthy buildings have the potential to heal (naturally).

Most doctors have no idea how the built environment makes you sick. Doctors may take the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ to cause no harm but they don’t take building biology classes which means they simply don’t know what they don’t know. This workshop will help you and your doctor understand how buildings impact health and how to create a home or a workplace to help you get better and how to reduce exposure to environmental toxins, known to cause health effects.

WICKED Thinking; lessons from abundant minds

Master the art of wicked thinking. Philosophy of a Wicked Thinker –

“You have two choices in life, accept things as they are, or accept responsibility for changing them.”  ~  Denis Waitley. Author and motivational speaker.

You will learn why everything in life is a choice. You either make an informed choice or you allow others to make ill-informed choices that are not in your favour, but potentially in theirs. Self-Made Health and sustainability are mastered when you master the art of WICKED thinking.

Learning the art of WICKED thinking gives you power because what you think determines what you get in life.

We’ll help you understand how your natural intelligence and your body’s ability to heal has been smothered by persuasive marketing, fake science and corporate greed.

You will take home information to transition you from feeling helpless to feeling as if a great weight has been lifted and how your own natural intelligence is the key to your survival.

You have been designed brilliantly by Mother Nature; we just help Mother Nature do her magic.


Book your spot today to learn how to create a WICKED place to live and learn more about the art of WICKED Thinking.

  • 1x Seat at the Full Day Workshop
  • Digital Copy of Survival of the Smartest
  • 1 Year Membership & Access to Resources
  • Use coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout
  • 2x Seats at the Full Day Workshop
  • Digital Copy of Survival of the Smartest
  • 1 Year Membership & Access to Resources
  • Use coupon code DOUBLEUP at checkout
  • 1x Seat at the Full Day Workshop
  • Digital Copy of Survival of the Smartest
  • 1 Year Membership & Access to Resources
  • No discount available during checkout
  • 2x Seats at the Full Day Workshop
  • Digital Copy of Survival of the Smartest
  • 1 Year Membership & Access to Resources
  • No discount available during checkout

Registration is required for every attendee and we recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Early Bird Tickets are available for a limited time only (until 1st October 2019). Please book early to avoid disappointment. 

Select payment be EFT or Credit Card during checkout to BOOK now. Or pay by Credit Card on the day (sorry no discount applied unless prior arrangements have been made). 

Please contact us if you have a electrical hypersensitivity and need to know if the venue will be safe for you.

Where is it?

Seats are limited because our venue was chosen for its position and safety, not for its size.

Elwood Sailing Club Function Room

5 Elwood Foreshore, off Ormond Esplanade Elwood, Victoria 3184

9.00am to 5.00pm – Registration from 9.00-9.30am

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We like to make life better by making you better.

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Have questions before you book?

Need more information or have a question, email because we love to help people who want to get better and be a bit smarter than the average consumer.

Or you can send a question by text to 0487 633 771 and we'll call you back. 

We like to make life better by making you better.

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