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Survival of the Smartest Workshop

Learn how to master the art of prevention and discover what you can do to live well for a lifetime. This is a WICKED workshop to help you design a safe environment for better health and develop a plan to minimise exposure from man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). 5G is being rolled…

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How to be smarter than your smart phone

It makes life simpler but is it safe? We have embraced wireless communication with gusto because of the convenience and simplicity of use. Any form of data transfer like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspot sharing, electrical smart meters, and cordless phone transmission, such as cordless DECT telephones (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) use radio frequency technology (RF). RF…

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‘Wicked Thinking’ Wicked Life

An Introduction to Wicked Thinking For anyone wanting to create a life of no regrets I’ve collated years of research and study and narrowed it down to the four essentials you need to sculpt a great life or a great business. Wicked Thinking combines wisdom from abundant minds to shift your thinking from “I can’t…

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