I first met Cheryl at a 5G educational meeting in the Dandenong’s. Being a healthcare practitioner myself, I have always been aware of the health implications of EMFs and RFs, it wasn’t until I heard Cheryl speak at this event that I finally understood just how extensive the topic of EMFs is. Cheryl is an expert in the field, having undertaken considerable research and study on the engineering and biology of EMFs. Like myself, Cheryl is sensitive to chemicals and EMF’s, meaning that she experiences symptoms associated with high level EMF exposure.

I always thought that I was doing enough to limit my exposure to EMFs, however with the recent increase in cell phone towers due to the 5G rollout, my sensitivities quickly became debilitating. When I wanted to get an expert in the do an audit of my living environment, Cheryl was the first person that came to my mind. Cheryl was very organised and responsive to my queries about having the house audit, responding to my emails very promptly and giving me a quote within less than 24 hours. I soon after had Cheryl come do a reading on the house.

My housemates and myself were all very impressed with Cheryls professionalism and scientific knowledge of EMFs. She was able to identify the source of why I was experiencing so many symptoms, and gave us solutions to help reduce our EMF exposure in the house. Since making changes to the house as recommended by Cheryl, my headaches have disappeared and I can now come home and know that I am in a safe living environment.

In addition to making changes to the house, Cheryl also educated me and my housemates on the dangers of 5G and other sources of EMFs in our every day lives. I now understand that every living organism, and every living person is affected by EMFs, not only those who are sensitive. I believe that is very important to understand the potential risks and dangers of EMFs, and to learn about them from an expert who has studied in the field. I highly recommend attending Cheryl’s workshops or having her come to your home or workplace to do an audit, in order to create a safe and healthy living environment.

Thank you for all your help Cheryl!!!
Kind regards,

"Cheryl is an inspiration of wellness. I felt privileged to benefit from her journey and sharing and needed to be reminded of the life lessons she brings. I now feel more confident that I have the qualities needed to grow our business and find myself putting those ideas into practice."

The Big Pot Nursery, Melrose,

"The presentation was wonderful and definitely inspiring."

Gladstone Queensland