What is a WICKED Home?

A WICKED Homes is a Wellness Home, created to sustain life:


Sustainable health starts with prevention by creating a positive environment to influence healing in the most natural way possible. Wicked knowledge is designed for you to take charge of your life, your health, your thinking and your future.

Wellness inspired construction, knowledge and environmental design does not dictate, it's based on wicked thinking to put you in charge. All of the above is designed to give you control over your environment and you life.

Our promise is to help you learn the art of wicked thinking to get better at getting better.

Wicked thinking combines:

  • the science of Building Biology for environmental wellness
  • the art of selecting environmentally friendly products to ensure no harm comes to you or your children
  • home design for energy efficiency and livability with no nasty surprises
  • and the the icing on the cake is you become a much smarter person with the knowledge to raise smarter children

We focus on Natural wellness backed by science and Biophilic design  for health, wealth and longevity so you can live well for a long time.

Creating a wicked home provides many benefits:

  • it's designed to work in harmony with nature.
  • it's free from harsh chemicals, and electromagnetic pollution, known to do harm
  • it reduces stress, distress and disease
  • it incorporates solar energy efficiency used to increase comfort and reduce electricity bills
  • knowledge to put you in control
  • you end up with a naturally healthy, energy efficient, livable, and smarter sustainable home to add years to your life and life to your years

Before you leave

To understand where the concept of a wellness home came from. Please check out our Blogs to gain some insights and especially  How to Take Charge of Your Life

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