What is a WICKED Home?

A WICKED Homes is a Wellness Home, built to sustain life; because living well for a lifetime requires a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy environment.


Our promise is to provide the healthiest and smartest homes possible, combining:

  • the science of Building Biology for health and well-being
  • environmentally friendly products to ensure no harm comes to you or your children
  • passive design for energy efficiency
  • liveable and adaptable floor plans
  • the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, which is the art of harnessing good energy, and
  • a guarantee of no nasty surprises at the end of the day.

Building Biology is the science and art of creating naturally healthy built environments, however our SPECIALTY is providing Wellness Inspired Constructive, Knowledge & Environmental  Design, that's WICKED so you can have wicked life.

ULTIMATELY when you create a wicked home we aim to ensure:

  • it is designed for you and unique to you needs
  • a life free from harsh chemicals, toxins and nasty stuff
  • a home designed to be easy to manage and easy to live in
  • energy efficiency is built in, to save you money long term
  • a home designed with nurturing in mind
  • a home designed to deliver life time benefits
  • a home that breathes and contains good energy (qui)
  • a design adaptable to your needs, as your money flows or your family grows, if that is what you need
  • a package that has no nasty surprises or side effects
  • an opportunity to plan or build the home of your dreams  well in advance of your needs; and
  • access to a network of well intentioned professionals

A naturally healthy, energy efficient, livable, adaptable, happy and toxic free home is the smartest home of all!

Our aim is to create an environment to live healthier for longer, just like a blue zone where people actually do live healthier for longer. More on Blue Zones here.

Before you begin

To understand where the concept of a wellness home came from. Please go to our Blog: What Steve Jobs couldn’t buy?

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