What is a WICKED Home?

A WICKED Homes is a Wellness Home, built to sustain life:


Our promise is to provide the healthiest and smartest information possible, combining:

  • the science of Building Biology for health and well-being
  • environmentally friendly products to ensure no harm comes to you or your children
  • passive design for energy efficiency
  • liveable and adaptable floor plans
  • the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, which is the art of harnessing good energy, and
  • a guarantee of no nasty surprises at the end of the day.

Our SPECIALTY is Wellness Inspired Constructive, Knowledge and know-how to keep you safe & Environmental  Design for health, wealth and longevity so you can live well for a long time.

ULTIMATELY you have to be willing to create a wicked home with all the benefits:

  • it's designed for you and unique to you needs
  • it's free from harsh chemicals, and electromagnetic pollution
  • it's designed to be easy to manage and easy to live in
  • it's passively designed with energy efficiency built in
  • your design is adaptable to your needs, as your money flows or your family grows, if that is what you need
  • you get a package with no nasty surprises or side effects
  • you end up with a naturally healthy, energy efficient, livable, and sustainable smart home

Our aim is to create an environment to live healthier for longer, just like a blue zone where people actually do live healthier for longer. More on Blue Zones here.

Before you leave

To understand where the concept of a wellness home came from. Please go to our Blogs to gain some insights and especially the Blog: What Steve Jobs couldn’t buy?

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