All the money in the world couldn’t buy Steve Jobs more life time.

That’s something we don’t often think about. What we will die of, how long we will live or what will happen in the end.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have more time with the people we love or time to do all the things we want to do in life.

Time is the thing I didn’t get with my mother.  Time to know her.

Both Steve Jobs and my mother died of cancer way too early in life, my mother in 1960 and Steve Jobs in 2011.

If cancer has been around for such a long time, why are people still dying and getting sick?

I didn’t know until recently what the problem was.

It’s not that finding a cure isn’t important; the problem is we are waiting until we get sick.

We should be preventing cancer and disease.

No one should lose their mother to cancer.

How do we stop history repeating itself?

That’s been hard to answer, until now.

There isn’t a positive when cancer is diagnosed but I turned my negative into a positive.

Above is a picture of me at my mother’s funeral.  I am the youngest of four children and wasn’t even two years old when my mother died of cancer.

It still makes me sad to think what she may have gone through knowing she would never see me or my brother aged three grow up.

All my life I’ve made a conscious effort to stay healthy and sought information from my Doctor to keep me on track to ensure I would never get cancer.  I focused on healthy living and keeping fit.

In the 90’s we were told carbs were good, fat was bad and sugar wouldn’t hurt you as long you burned off the calories.

How wrong they were, and how wrong I was about cancer prevention.  It’s not about getting a pap smear every year and just eating healthy and praying you won’t get it.

Evidently my mother was a lovely person, focused on caring for her family and supposedly healthy until she was diagnosed with cancer not long after I was born.

I was told (not by an expert) that I was the reason she got cancer because it appeared having a baby at 41 could bring it on. That was totally untrue but it was one reason I felt compelled to find out the truth.

After meeting cancer prevention expert Chris Woollams and learning about The Truth About Cancer produced by Ty Bollinger I began to understand and see things differently.

There is no one thing that causes cancer.  As Chris Woollams says, “cancer is a process and everyone is different and every cancer is different.”

What the research says; an article from Chris Woollams Health Watch Facebook page.

It may surprise you to know that The World Health Organisation states that up to 70 per cent of cancers are preventable!

So why do good people die young or get sick in middle age when most disease is preventable? That’s what I needed to find out.

I know my mother cared for others probably more than herself and this is quite common among women, especially when they are the main care giver, nurturer and all round shoulder to lean on or go to when something is wrong or someone needs something.

When you put others first, carry the load of other family members with little regard to the stress it may cause, you put your immune system under pressure. Because stress manifests as a toxin in the body it has a detrimental effect on your health.  Chris Woollams explains this very well in his presentation about cancer and its causes.  Being heard and being fulfilled is very important for your well-being.

I also discovered there is a need to have a support network around you.  Your support network must consist of positive people, not people that put you down or berate you.  We need leaders that step up and stand for what is right in the world not the type that dominate and dictate and only control for their own benefit. We need fun and laughter to heal and good sleep to rejuvenate.

Everyone needs to be heard and we definitely need people to support and nurture, especially in families and communities where there is less support for the young and old as they are not seen as the contributors or bread winners. Actually we need more people willing to lead the way for a better tomorrow.

Having all this information made a huge difference to me, I realised we are continually bombarded with marketing that makes it difficult to choose what is best for our health and long term happiness. We fail to see what is happening to our bodies and our environment because our minds are continually focused on the easiest route or the fastest option.  Fast food is a good example; because it is so easy to access, it’s cheap and in the short term seems like a good option, we fail to see how detrimental it is to our health.

What I discovered is everything in our environment from cleaning products, personal care products, make-up to Wi-Fi, electromagnetic fields, treated water, mould, chemicals and stress reduce the bodies ability to regenerate cells. The combination of toxins and stress can be deadly.  Stress from debt overload, toxic relationships, business or work stress all contribute to overload on the immune system and overwhelm in life.   Living in a toxic environment, not sleeping well, not having enough time to recharge and relax contribute to a body that breaks down very slowly and eventually leads to chronic inflammation and in many instances cancer and dis-ease.

With this information I started to see a bigger picture.  I could see there were options to change and to make change.  I no longer felt I had little or no control over my health or my life.  You can take control of your life and make decisions based on facts not false or misguided information.  We need doctors to heal the very sick and wounded as I believe modern medicine is well ahead on that front.  We need the proactive health professionals to steer us in the right direction. What I also see is the need for people to take responsibility for their health and wellness.  For without our health we surely will not have wealth.

I congratulate Chris Woollams, Dr Dingle, Nicole Biljsma , a Naturopath and Building Biologist and founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies and all the proactive holistic healers that are changing the way we look at health care. These are the people that have inspired me. It is now time to contribute what I know and what I have learned from my experiences in life and in business and make a difference in the world.

My mission is to create blue zones where people live longer without illness and disease.

It starts with information on how to create a wellness home…combined with a wicked life guide (coming soon)…to ultimately deliver a new paradigm in building…as a wise man once said  “we must become the change we wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi, Statesman.

My dream is to change the concept of a sustainable home to include health and well-being of the built environment to be safer, live healthier, happier and wealthier for longer.

Ultimately the aim is to put more life in your years and years in your life.

I changed my thinking and you can too; it’s the coolest thing, you get to create your life on your terms.

You will find tips and tricks to create a healthier place to live in our blogs.


Please share and contribute to making the built environment a better place to live and the future better for our children.