Why Natural Selection Matters


Natural Selection was once believed to be random and species had no control over the process. We think differently and believe you are the governing controller of your destiny, your prosperity and your health. Trouble is the systems have conditioned most people to believe you need people of authority to lead you towards good health and nothing could be further from the truth.

Understanding how biologically smart you are and how to master Natural Selection could be the difference between a long healthy life and raising smart sustainable children or not.

Natural Selection is governed by your innate intelligence and your wisdom to know what to do and what not to do.

Skills and traits to sustain generations are determined by the environment you grow up in, and your education, your habits and your exposures can be both good and bad.

What you expose your body and your mind to determines how well you are and how smart you are. You need a healthy body, a healthy brain and a healthy belief system to be sustainable for a lifetime. And believe it or not, thoughts, focus and intention govern everything.

Modern environments are governing modern evolution; increases in Alzheimer's and dementia are examples and more children on the autism spectrum is another. The statistics indicate modern medicine is not saving us from illness. Much of modern medicine and modern life is conditioning it.

One in three elderly people now die with Alzheimer's even if death is caused by something else like cancer. This is a sign we're on the wrong evolutionary path. (Stats provided by to Tom O'Bryan, 5G Crisis Summit.)

Herd mentality is risky, and playing follow the leader could be catastrophic. Just because everyone else is doing it, does not mean it's OK. Statistics tell us it's no longer safe to fit in, that's means fitting into government objectives and believing Medicare will save you is very risky. Fitting in is killing human ability to be sustainable for life.

Knowing how Natural Selection works is more important now than ever before because our environment is no longer natural. If it was we wouldn't need a cure for everything preventable.

Our evolution and the evolution of all species took a dive when Charles Darwin led us to believe random mutations alone cause natural selection, and we had no control over our environment. Part of Darwin's work was true but the reality is he left out the power of thinking, beliefs and energy to influence our outcomes. Beliefs and energy can be both positive and negative influences. Natural Selection was governed by natural intelligence however mass intelligence has been hijacked by multi-nationals, marketing, propaganda and main stream media.

Darwin's work (and others) changed the way the world thought about our existence. To this day Darwin's theories provide the backbone of modern biology even though the science of genetics was unheard of in the nineteenth century. The fact is genetics only contribute 5-10% of our health destiny and largely have no influence if you are able to control the 90-95% of the influences over your health. Cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton and others have verified this to be true.

Darwin identified why adaptation to changing environments enabled species to survive to ensure reproduction to sustain the cycle of life. He observed how skills and traits to sustain generations were determined by the environment, co-operation among species and how nature had a hand in crafting intelligent genes to sustain life. This part of Darwin's research is true and can be adapted to modern times.

Those that failed to co-operate, communicate, adapt or change perished; that's the theory and the science of evolution.

Darwin's paper On the Origin of Species by Natural Selection challenged beliefs in the Western World at the time because his theory of evolution by natural selection questioned what they believed to be true.

We aim to do the same, that means we question what is believed to be true.

"To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, establishing a new truth or fact" Charles Darwin

Some people believe you have no control over your fate or evolutionary journey. We believe that is not true. Evolution is not luck nor can it be left to chance.

Dodging nasty stuff, capable of making you and your children sick, and knowing how to decipher fact from fiction in both life and business is the key to controlling your evolutionary journey.

Living in a toxic environment can make you sick and not knowing how to create wealth or assets has the potential to severely reduce quality of life. Sickness reduces your earning capacity and worry and fear lead to dis-stress, and are precursors to disease.

Knowing what and where nasty stuff is, is the tricky bit. So too is the art of wealth creation, known as wisdom to know what to do and what not to do. Without health and wisdom, life will be a lot less fun. Ask anyone living on the poverty line or battling cancer or an autoimmune disorder if life is great. Sickness and poverty suck and you don't need to be a brain surgeon or psychologist to work that one out.

It has taken years of research, education, and investigation to bridge the 'knowledge gap' to learn how to solve the cancer conundrum and understand why more businesses fail than succeed. Learning to unlearn is a key process of successful thinkers and it's one of the reasons we created a WICKED thinking manuscript to help guide you so you'll have a distinct advantage.

When you learn the art of Natural Selection and WICKED thinking your are effectively closing the knowledge gap. Not all knowledge is good. Not all education is based on facts.

It's impossible to know what is true if you have followed the top down education path.  Most people never investigate the reasons why more businesses fail than succeed.  Most people never get around to learning the art of prevention or real wealth creation or understand why people succumb to learned helplessness. WICKED thinkers are not most people, and WICKED thinkers don't believe what most people believe.

When you don't know what you don't know you are relying on a pattern of thinking that doesn't work.  When you rely on marketing that distorts the truth you will never gain an advantage. When you allow businesses who focus on 'profits at any cost' to control your thinking you don't realise they are controlling your evolutionary journey.

Learning the art of WICKED thinking is an evolutionary process, meaning you evolve to be a smarter person and it's the best way to gain control of your life-time. We can't help you if a bus runs you over, that's what emergency services are designed for. We help you dodge the bus so it doesn't run you over. We also believe it's better to be smarter in a safe way than sorry at the end of your days. There's a reason why they teach you how to pack your own parachute in skydiving school. We do the same thing in a different way; we pack your brain with information so it's available when you need it. And it can be life saving if you pack it correctly.

WICKED thinking provides brain power to master Natural Selection. WICKED thinking is evolutionary thinking, backed by natural forces and wisdom from great minds.

A simple way to positively influence your own evolution is to identify every trait that's useful to ensure preservation and discard what doesn't work so it doesn't get carried forward.

If having a wicked life if part of your grand plan you'll need some help to navigate your way through mountains of fake science and false advertising. That's why we expose truth and nasty stuff and empower you to take control. Learning how nature works, deciphering the good for the garbage and understanding how successful people think ensures you have the ability to create a life with long term potential.

If you're a seeker of a better life, a health enthusiast, a baby boomer not wanting to end up in aged care or simply a Gen Y on a mission to do things differently there's more FREE wicked information aimed at making you smarter and your life better in our blogs.

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Don't let others decide your fate, take charge of your future by learning how to gain an evolutionary advantage.

You can learn the art of Natural Selection by learning what will harm you and what will heal you. Learning more could be the beginning of the best years of your life.

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SURVIVAL OF THE SMARTEST has superseded Survival of the Fittest because fitting into a modern environment is a risk to your sustainability.


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