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Wicked Thinking

…lessons from abundant minds to bridge the river of doubt from “I can’t” to “I can.”

This book will open your eyes to possibilities…a short extract to temp your taste buds for more.


What is Wicked Thinking?

It’s a way to gain wisdom without the wait or the heartache.

In reality its brain robbery and all the greats do it!

It is the only way to achieve success if success is what you are after.

Successful people aim for results. They have in their mind the result they want before they start and they don’t settle for less than they desire.

Imagine, if you can, the concept of your life in a nutshell, or a seed like an acorn. When you plant the acorn you end up with an oak tree. The infinite intelligence, (inevitability) was in the seed before it was planted. The seeds for life are your ideas. When you plant your ideas in fertile ground, care for them, feed and nurture them in the right way, the result will be inevitable. The trick is to know which seeds to plant.

Of course you can plant a weed – many do – but if you plant an acorn it is much more valuable in the end because it produces many more acorns and provides shelter and protection for abundant life. It is much more valuable than a weed.

The reason I can give you these ideas is the same reason you are reading them now. You are, as I am, a seeker of information and seekers will find what they are looking for if they persist.

Information, skills and experience matter but wisdom to know what not to do is even more important.

Wicked Thinking is the result of investigation, research and study to learn ‘how to be successful in business.’ All businesses start with an idea but not all businesses succeed and not all businesses are great.

Great businesses parallel a great life and anyone can create one if desired. Ideas are the seeds; the intelligence for a great business life is built into the idea. It needs to be planted in fertile ground (your mind) if you want to reap a great harvest in the end. You can use wicked thinking to manifest a great life because it’s thinking that makes success inevitable.


Cover created by Emma Sorrentino


What you do comes back to you.

It is time to share   (back cover)




This book is dedicated to my best friend, business partner and bed mate since 1978. Thank you for all the years of love and support, and the belief in creating a better future.

I give thanks to all the wonderful people who have contributed to changing my life and the wisdom I share. Acknowledgements are at the end of the book along with book titles, authors, podcasts and website links.


Chery Lanne

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

— Albert Einstein, Physicist


Chery Lanne at her mother’s funeral after she died of cancer.


No mother or child should be at the mercy of big business, bullies or an unnatural environment.


It’s time to change the paradigm to stop collateral damage.




No content in this book is to be taken as a cure, treatment, supplement or advice in the cure of any disease, ailment, financial situation or absolute solution if your life is going down the gurgler. This book is about prevention to win the game of life. No animals were harmed in the research undertaken to bring you these answers, not Betty the crow, Bruce the sheep or the three little pigs. In no way are the abundant minds referred to in this book accountable for your success or outcomes in life. There is only one person responsible for your outcomes and that is you.

If you are after specific information on health, relationships, careers or business be sure to ask as many well informed and proactive experts you can find. You can begin with the list and links in the back of this book. A great life is not built around cutting corners or settling for instant soup. A great life evolves from well-defined targets, due diligence, good habits and lessons learnt from abundant minds. Be prepared to be a meerkat and look out for what may harm you. You have to stick your head up above the crowd otherwise all you see is sheep.




Preface (the nut shell)  

A message from Chery Lanne    

Introduction and overview  

Chapter 1. The Ultimate Benefit

Freedom and full control

Chapter 2. First Things First

Sometimes the truth hurts

Chapter 3. (Why) The Mind Rules

Build power from within

Chapter 4. (What if) Life Is Like Business (Serious Value)

Begin with the end in mind

Chapter 5. (How): Everything Counts

ESSENTIAL #1: A Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Chapter 6. (What to do): Love and Leadership


Chapter 7. (What matters): Work and Happiness

ESSENTIAL # 3: Work on purpose

Chapter 8. (What to Gain): Freedom

ESSENTIAL # 4: Money and Wealth

Chapter 9. What the Experts Say

Interviews with abundant minds

Chapter 10. The Big Picture

Rules of Wicked Thinking … the conclusion

About the Author    

Grandmothers Wisdom    

Reference Section: Books, Podcasts, Websites



(The nut shell)

Wicked Thinking is a compilation of condensed wisdom from great thinkers and achievers, and lessons learnt from getting things right and wrong.

Wicked Thinking focuses on the highest priorities in life, Health (the greatest wealth), Love (makes life worthwhile), Work (we love to do) and Money (the emergent from doing something valuable). You can be happy and poor but if you choose happy and rich, life seems somehow much better.

You will be exposed to the truth of life and business that is not taught in school, mainly because the educators don’t know or don’t want you to know.

Wicked Thinking is a philosophy to give you an edge in life and business, if you are after one. That is a big IF, because it means you must be willing to strive for above average, not settle for less or leave the extra off extraordinary.

Abundant minds look for more, are willing to learn more and achieve more.

You can too if you know HOW to think differently.

You will find this symbol throughout Wicked Thinking.

This symbol of infinity stands for never ending learning and prosperity and it is the sign of wisdom worth remembering.


“Our eyes only see and our ears only hear what our brain is looking for.” – Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach


Building your life or your business to be a great big ASSET is a skill; if hard work was enough to have a great life, donkeys would have followers.

In fact donkeys do have followers and that is a problem.

Learning to take control of your mind is required … sheer persistence is not enough.

The rest of your life starts by making a decision … not tomorrow … today … right now.

Success can be learned, ultimately it is earned, just like any skill, through practice and perseverance.

Borrowing a line from Oprah Winfrey “what I know for sure,” it is your thinking that makes life great.


A message from Chery Lanne

“A caterpillar must spin its own cocoon; it gives up its known existence in order to become a butterfly.

Changing your mind is the catalyst to metamorphosis into a butterfly.

Without change you risk never being able to fly.”


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”   Alvin Toffler


This book is not The Secret, that book has already been written. This book is about the truth, even if the truth hurts, with some secrets thrown in. Read it with an open mind because you will need one to gain an advantage in life. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Attempting to do it on your own is the hard way. Learning from abundant minds is the smart way.

You can believe anything you want and most people do. Successful people are different; they believe in themselves and they act on that belief. Successful people use optimism and positivity as super powers. Unsuccessful people use scarcity and negativity to breed more lack and pessimism.

Here are some quotes to ponder.

Napoleon Hill; we become what we think about most of the time.

Dan Reeves, Football Coach; difficulties in life are intended to make us better not bitter.

Tom Hopkins, sales trainer; being miserable is a habit. Being happy is a habit. The choice is yours

Mark Manson sums up The Secret pretty well in his blog markmanson.net/the-secret; which I basically agree with.

Just using The Secret “Law of Attraction” model can seriously stuff you up. As Mark says, “at some point, you actually have to, you know, do something.

MORE is gained from abundant minds than relying on your own.

Super-duper insight; information is never valued until after you need it.

One of the keys to success is valuing the information before you need it.

I’m keen to expose the truth and explain what I discovered when I stopped thinking ‘I know.’

It turns out most people think they know. Most people think they are in control.

Everyone has the potential to be successful if they make the right choices. The problem is most people do not realise they are not the one making the choices. Someone else is; I found that out the hard way.

You are controlled by others unless you take responsibility for your thinking; your thinking controls your actions and your success in life.

It turns out uncovering the truth hurts and admitting you were wrong takes courage.

Napoleon Hill said “the opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity.”

From a very early age we are conditioned to think, behave, act and even work to suit someone else’s benefit. In school we are taught in a way that suits the system not the individual. It would not be possible in classes of twenty to thirty students, or more, to cater for every individual or every personality type. It is not the fault of the teacher, well not most of them; the system is set up to suit the end user; that would be the Government or big business. This I discovered when I searched how to be successful in business. The current systems do not teach you to think for yourself, they do not enable you to break away from a paradigm of control by others.

I searched the World Wide Web for marketing and business courses and how to be successful. After completing numerous training programs an email from Eben Pagan landed in my inbox offering Accelerate High Growth Business training. This I discovered was the Law of Attraction in action. What followed was a journey of discovery and a trip around the world ending in Chicago at a three day intense marketing summit. Learning from the best presenters in the world changed everything, the way I looked at business, the focus of my attention and the direction for the future. Taking action is what matters.

Being successful in business was not my only focus; I set about researching another of my greatest passions; health and wellness. I discovered most people do not have control over the most important thing in life, their health; most leave it up to others to decide their fate. Marketing, social influence, where the money comes from, ignorance and cognitive bias proved to be the biggest contributors to failure. Actually it is not your fault. Not many people know what is really happening. Dr D, or rather Dr Peter Dingle sums it up wonderfully in his book ‘Take Control and Realise Your Potential’ where he states the major disease of the 21st century is how we think.

If it wasn’t for The Wellness Guys; Dr Damian Kristof, Dr Laurence Tham and Dr Brett Hill, from The Wellness Couch, Dr Dingle, from Dingle Wellness, Nicole Bijlsma from the Australian College of Environmental Studies, The Good Doctors; Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse, many training programs like Eben Pagan’s Accelerate, and the abundant minds I have researched I would still be attached to the old me. My past life was like living in a fog, you can’t see very far in fog. Today the sun is shining and I get to view life from a different perspective. It started with a view from a helicopter then an aeroplane, eventually rising to a satellite view, enabling me to see life differently. When you see things clearly everything changes. I then went really deep; to understand me on the inside and my way of doing things. This happened after reading Stephen Covey’s book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ multiple times. Knowing yourself and how others see you is a bit difficult to handle at first. It turns out no one really knows who you are. People never spend enough time getting to know you so they make assumptions; they put their own perspective on everything which clouds judgements resulting in biased opinions which is, in reality, lack of understanding, lack of empathy and lack of consideration for the other person’s point of view.

My hope is to give you a new perspective and the ability to change your outlook on life, to intentionally change your thinking and your subconscious mind and adopt a different approach to health and wealth creation. Whether you wish for a better life or a better business, benefits are provided for both if you open your mind and accept the wisdom of others. Change happens whether you like it or not, why not encourage the right kind of change from this point on. Self-change happens when you are ready, willing and able to accept you were wrong and redirect your course of action. Alternatively forced change happens when you resist the subtle signs along the way. A speeding fine is forced change. Forced change happens when someone or something else gains control. It is never pretty when forced change happens because it means things have gone terribly wrong.

This brings to mind a quote from a book I read in High School, ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This book is not Animal Farm, but I do use lots of animal analogies to provide explanations and understanding behind the wisdom of others in an easy and fun way. Animal Farm was about communism, this book is about freedom. You will find out why being equal is flawed. We are not equal and never will be equal. Equality is a made up work to suit someone’s agenda.

Learning how to become extra-ordinary on the other hand is a different story, because adding extra means you do not have to settle for ordinary. Ordinary and equal are different sides of the same coin, designed to keep you under control. It is a flawed coin because it means you will never win whatever side it lands when you flip it. Striving to be above average is in your best interests. If you do not understand sheep mentality you end up being a sheep. That means you are constantly doing what everyone else around you is doing, you are sheep walking. Sheep walking can lead to slaughter, or a kinder way to phrase that is you end up sick, miserable, poor, lonely or dead too early. I believe the wisdom I gained from abundant minds is worth sharing. To keep this information and insight to myself would be selfish; it is worth more than money can buy. It is worth lifetime.

When in business previously the similarities of a great business and a great life were not evident. Only when I changed what I was looking for did the information come streaming in and it hasn’t let up.

You can change your journey through life by changing the decisions you make. You can also change what you get by changing what you are looking for. Believing there is nothing more you can do to help your circumstances stops you from looking. You cannot redefine the past but you can design your future any way you choose. The big mamma of all thinking happened when I realised you are choosing your outcomes whether you make a conscious decision or not, because that in itself is still making a decision. For those that missed that point. Not making a decision, leaving it up to someone or something else, is still making a decision because inability to make a decision in your favour guarantees the result you get will be in someone else’s favour.

Wicked Thinking provides the opportunity to get a better return on your biggest investment; the investment in you.

The second big Ah Ha happened when it became clear you can do just about anything as long as you surround yourself with the right people willing to help you; there is one caveat, you must be willing to give back. Those that accomplish great results, have successful careers, are successful in businesses or achieve championship status do not do it alone. Champions surround themselves with people that know more than them. Choose some real live in your face mentors, experts or coaches and back them up with great books, podcasts, blogs, events and training courses. Education never stops, that I know for sure.

Success is earned, first with the desire to achieve followed by determination to never ever give up. You cannot leave the driving to anyone else, it must come from within. The discovery that others are in control must be reversed, you must be the driver of your destiny; if you are not driving someone or something else is in control of the steering.

As Seth Godin says, “it’s not about following someone else’s map; it’s time to draw your own.”

My suggestion is not to attempt to draw a map on your own, make a wise decision to find others that know more than you about map drawing. It’s the same as knowing what seed to sow; you cannot sow a weed and end up with an Apple tree. There will be nothing to reap when it’s time to harvest.

It is amazing what happens when you put different looking glasses on. This blog written by Seth Godin came to me at a very timely moment.

Shouting into the wind – Seth Godin

Anything worth shouting about is worth shouting into the wind.

Because if enough people care, often enough, the word spreads, the standards change, the wind dies down. If enough people care, the culture changes.

It’s easy to persuade ourselves that the right time to make change happen is when it’s time. But that’s never true. The right time to make it happen is before it’s time. Because this is what ‘making’ means.

The most devastating thing we can learn about our power is how much of it we have. How much change we could make if we would only speak up first, not last. How much influence we can have if we’re willing to look someone in the eye and say, “yes.” Or, “this is our problem, too.” Or, “this must stop.”

Yes, there’s wind, there’s always been wind. But that doesn’t mean we should stop shouting.

History has a way of teaching us a lesson however if you are astute you can learn from history and the mistakes of the past need not be repeated. Alternatively if history is not your thing learning from great leaders and successful people is no doubt a step in the right direction and not a bad place to start.


Seek and thee shall find; some fantastic quotes to set the mind or thinking on the right path.


Benjamin Franklin Quotes


“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid”


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”


TIP: put yourself in a position where winning is inevitable. Use the wisdom of others to reduce the worry, the pain and the time it takes to get hit in the head with your own mistakes.


Working with a trusted coach or mentor is the equivalent of gaining wisdom without the wait. They won’t make decisions for you; they will however provide information and clarity to enable you to make better decisions.


Before you delve into the rest of this book, what is more important than anything else in the world is your ability to enjoy life. Trying to please everyone, I learned the hard way, is impossible. Be prepared to put yourself in the staring role and write your own life story.

End of extract


By now you may be wondering; what is the difference between The Secret and Wicked Thinking?

It’s the answers.

You will find answers to questions you never thought to ask, not because they were not worth asking, but because most people don’t know these answers exist, so they don’t ask the questions.


Wicked Thinking gives you the ability to create a great life or a great business. A great business is in the top 2% of businesses because they are built on fundamentally different ground. Most importantly you can channel this wisdom and build a great life.

Want more wicked information?

To learn more about my research send a request by email and say, “I want Wicked Thinking” to hello@wickedhomes.com.au and leave your name and contact details.

To get the most out of life you must be willing to do the most to get it.


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