Survival of the Smartest Workshop

Learn what true sustainability really is and discover how a natural environment can enhance your health and well-being.

True sustainability requires good health, love of good people and an income stream that doesn't harm our people, our planet or our future generations. We must return to living in harmony with our natural environment and provide our children with the skills and knowledge to be safe and free from harm. We need to create what the world needs and not wait until profits at any cost has destroyed our children's future potential.

This WICKED workshop will help you design a safe living environment and develop a plan to minimise exposure from man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF). EMF includes electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also know as radio frequencies or wireless communications (Wi-Fi). Experts are now able to explain how EMF and EMR cause multiple health effects and you need to know what the fallout of long-term exposure is.

Professor Martin Pall from Washington State University has listed 9 health effects from microwave frequency EMF.

  1. DNA damage
  2. Lowered fertility in males and females
  3. Neurological and neuropsychiatric effects
  4. Apoptosis or cell death
  5. Oxidative stress and free radical damage
  6. Endocrine or hormonal effects
  7. Increased intracellular calcium signaling - causing disease
  8. Cancer causation; brain cancer, acoustic neuromas, salivery cancer, and EMFs can cause cancer in 15 different ways, as well as progression and promotion of different types.
  9. Therapeutic effects of EMFs on specific regions of the body where there is some dysfunction for example stimulation of bone growth.

5G is being rolled out Australia wide and around the world, which to my understanding will not stop until we have amassed enormous damage to all living things.

Download Professor Martin Palls paper to learn why we need to take prevention seriously. 2018 Prof Martin Pall_to_eu_on_5g_harm_march_2018

Chronic illness and rates of autism and dementia are increasing and cancer rates are not decreasing.

Could these problems be linked to chemicals and man-made electromagnetic fields?

Absolutely YES, and I aim to expose why and what the solutions are.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Simple steps to help you reduce exposure to EMF/EMR.
  • Basic concepts to create a healthy home using non-toxic products.
  • Why sustainable buildings could be a catalyst for a sustainable future.
  • How to gain critical knowledge, which is the key component of WICKED thinking for a wicked life.
  • Why creating a WICKED Home is the ultimate anti-aging strategy
  • How to make wise choices to ensure you get the most life out of life.

You can use this wisdom to design a home, design a great life or create a business with greater potential to survive.

Topics covered in this one-day workshop:

  1. Survival of the Smartest

Learn what the biggest risks are to health and how to adopt a risk management strategy to deal with them.

  1. Wireless Technology Facts and Safety Tactics.

Learn how to develop a Pattern of Thinking for Sustainability & Survival.

  1. Buildings Designed for Lifetime Health

Learn why creating a healthy home is life insurance of a different kind.

  1. WICKED Thinking, for a Wicked Life

Learn why changing your thinking can change your life.

Philosophy of a Wicked Thinker

“You have two choices in life, accept things as they are, or accept responsibility for changing them.”  ~  Denis Waitley. Author and motivational speaker.

To master sustainability you must be willing to change what you believe to be true. This is the essence of WICKED thinking for a wicked life.

How WICKED Thinking Evolved

Seven years ago I broke up with traditional thinking because it failed to deliver all it promised. I focused on multiple areas of study for very specific reasons. I wanted to be healthy for life and I wanted to be successful in business. I sourced information on health and well-being and researched how to limit dis-stress leading to disease.

My mother died of cancer before I was two and I made it my purpose to find out why. When I discovered 'profits at any cost' are linked to causes of disease I decided my life purpose would be to let other people know why we will never win the war on cancer with a cure. The war on cancer if a fabrication to keep you relying on the systems that create it.

Along the way I uncovered why normal business systems cause more failures and more distress and disease than success stories.

Luckily I discovered the things you need to be successful in business are the same things you need to be successful in life. And the first thing you need is to stop doing what you've always done. The next and most important thing you need to do is change your thinking.

Albert Einstein wisely said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”

Stephen Covey said “If we keep doing what we’re doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”

It’s time to stop the insanity of thinking a cure will fix cancer and the systems of governance will save us.

Answers to Solve Health Problems and Building Problems

Finally, after years of searching I discovered the area of study to solve the cancer conundrum and its not medicine we need but a better environment.  Studying environmental health solved the riddle of what makes us sick and studying marketing uncovered the tricks to keep us focused on money making ventures that are doomed to fail us.

Building Biology teaches you how to create healthy buildings, and it provides a guide to what the world needs to create a more sustainable environment.

When you add knowledge of our evolutionary  journey and discover what fuels success and failure you can create a WICKED plan that is more likely to ensure your success. When you master longevity, happiness and financial freedom it is life enhancing, and it has potential to future proof human existence.

Learning the art of WICKED thinking is not on the curriculum of any education facility or the focus of any business training because they are limited by their learned educators.

Building Biology is not like any other health based profession and the Australian College of Environmental Studies in Melbourne (ACES) is not like any other college or university. The focus is on health requirements not industry standards. Building Biology guidelines follow the precautionary principle and rely on biologically safe exposure standards that reduce harm to the most sensitive people. Industry standards are designed by industry to make a profit often with detrimental cost to human life.

The rest is history, I now have a qualification and the knowledge to help craft a life of no regrets. You need a supportive environment to thrive and a natural environment to support your body’s natural intelligence, to ensure it's working with you every minute of every day.

We have been designed brilliantly by Mother Nature and it is our body’s natural intelligence and health of our cells that helps repel attack from environmental toxins and contaminants. We have been designed, as all life on Earth has, to survive by natural instinct. This is the force we need to harness, not reject.

We are born naturally intelligent, but educated from an early age to ignore the warning signs and ask for a prescription.

Our body knows how to heal and grow from the day we are born. One organ doesn’t tell another organ to piss off, this is my territory or pay me first before I deliver what you want. Every organ in our body works in collaboration and cooperation to aid our survival.

Band-aids don’t tell the body to heal, nor does your doctor, the body’s innate intelligence goes to work as soon as it recognises an attack or an injury. You do need to get medical help or call emergency services if you are injured or critically sick because emergency services and emergency rooms have people skilled to save your life. However once they've saved your life it is not the operation or the pain relief that heals the body it is your body’s ability to rejuvenate and replace sick or dead cells with with new ones. Your body is designed to fight off an attack from a rogue virus or bad bacteria. And the best way to recover is without hindrance or further harm in most instances.

Do call 000 if you are in a really bad way but before you get in a really bad way, it might pay to learn what the precursors are to disease and disability leading to a life that sucks.

It is for this reason you need the knowledge and solutions to create an environment, not just a home, that allows your body to heal.  It is time to recognise what makes us sick and what makes us well.

Most people are well intentioned and have no idea they are caught in a vacuum of systems that do not deliver what they promise. Only when you understand how the world works and how your body works can you sculpt an environment sustainable for life and it starts by changing your mind, literally. You need to be smarter to be sustainable. The process starts by giving up what you know or thought was true and surrendering to a new way of thinking.

The reality is I had to unlearn to relearn and then learn some more. I had to give up my thinking and my reliance on the systems to save me and design a life and an environment to reach my full potential.

When you put your faith in Mother Nature you will be rewarded. When you build your unique ability, you are ultimately sculpting a great life and a great future.

Learning the art of Wellness Inspired Construction (+ Consumption), Knowledge and Environmental Design enables you to sculpt a life of no regrets.

Wicked thinking is like sowing and reaping (three seeds) to get a wicked return on your investment. 

  1. Wellness Inspired Construction covers Building Biology guiding principles, based on precautionary levels of exposure which is like investing in prevention instead of a prescription.
  2. Knowledge is required to get better at getting better. Gaining more knowledge closes the knowledge gap between 'life sucks' and 'life is great'. Knowledge alone is not enough, it has to be connected to action steps because nothing changes until the doing gets done.
  3. Environmental Design is much more than bricks and mortar. Environmental design requires a plan and a process to aid your future sustainability from a health and wealth perspective.

How WICKED thinking works:

Wicked thinking plants ideas (seeds) in your mind.

Every farmer knows you cannot reap a great harvest without investing in fertile ground, planting the right seeds, and nurturing and caring for them until they reach maturity. This is the precursor to reaping what you sow.

No one can reach their full potential without information, skills and know-how to turn ideas into reality. No one becomes a success without learning the art of successful thinking.

Benjamin Franklin new a thing or two about wicked thinking; here's some quotes to explain why attending this workshop matters

  • "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"
  • "The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance"

When you increase your brain power you increase your future potential.

That’s why this workshop provides Wicked Thinking for you to sculpt a Wicked Life.


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I guarantee it will be the best money you ever spend. And I’ll give you your money back if you don’t agree. This is one of Murphy’s policies. Murphy's Happiness Policy states; if you are not happy, we are not happy. End of policy.

Life is a work in progress governed by your thinking and your choices. Don't leave either of them to chance, or let 'profits at any cost' steal your future potential.

Cheryl Mead

Building Biologist | Environmental Health Consultant | Healthy Building Specialist

Electromagnetic Radiation Technician | RF Testing and Solutions for Safe Use of Technology

Director Wicked Homes Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 13 600 032 353

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is for information purposes only. By providing information we aim to enlighten participants but under no circumstances are we diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating or preventing any type of disease or medical condition.