Because you are the important one.

Your child, your partner or your family will be at a loss without you.

If you get sick or a terrible diagnosis you’re not going to be able to help care for those you love.

Learning the hard way is a terrible way to learn.

Big business has a lot to answer for

Big pharma and big business ie old men in boardrooms don’t seem to care about anything but money and profits that’s why we have such a lousy health landscape. Thank God or goodness for information that puts you in control. That’s if you’re up to the challenge of taking control. I hope you are because it’s the only way to take control of your life in every way.

When you have information critical for survival you can make informed choices and create a different ending compared to the old days of limited resources and limited potential for improvement.

This is why you need to be in control

According to leading cancer expert Dr Samuel Epstein 50% of people will get cancer in their lifetime.

More children are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder than ever before in our history.

The World Health Organisation states more than 70% of deaths today are from preventable disease.  What happened to dying of old age without getting Alzheimer’s or dementia?

There are ways to do things that will produce better outcomes.

First you start by wanting a better life, then you hunt down the information that’s going to make a difference.

If you explore what really makes us well like I did and you will find we have been brain washed into believing modern medicine works when it does not.

Here’s research you need to know about that’s not produced my pharmaceutical companies

Dan Buettner traveled the world to find the places where people live healthy for longer naturally and called them Blue Zones.

YouTube Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+ Blue Zones are places where people live to be 100 or more without illness or disease.  Where everyone is valued, has purpose in life and forgets to die.

People in Blue Zones do not need a health care card, they have a health care system better than ours.

My dream is to create blue zones where people thrive, by creating environments that look after you for life.

It’s not about watching more TV or working harder; it’s being smarter and living your life on purpose. Longevity happens when you live well every day.

You can follow me on this journey, or learn from me as I set into establishing homes and villages where nature rules.

Join the wellness revolution that’s changing the world in a good way.

Start making choices for a better tomorrow today. Learning how to be smarter than your smartphone will help. Get smarter ideas here.

If you want to be super smart it will take a bit of effort but will be well worth  it. Find out what makes life better at a Wicked Workshop

It’s our way of doing today what will pay off tomorrow.